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Tokyo Mew Mew

  • TV Series, 2002-2003, 52 eps,

Mew Mew Power
Tmm, Mew
токио мяу мяу
طوكيو مياو مياو
東京ミュウミュウ ja
Mew Mew Power en
Mew Mew Power fr
Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti it
Kočičí Síla cs
베리베리 뮤우뮤우 ko
Mijau Mijau Družina hr
Puterea Echipei Miau-miau ro
силата миу миу bg
טוקיו מיו מיו he
Vadmacska Kommandó hu
As Super Gatinhas pt-br
توکیو میو میو fa
Mew Mew Power pt
ขบวนการ เหมียวเหมียว th
東京喵喵 zh
Miau Miau Power es-la
Družina Mjau - Mjau sr
Berry Berry Mew Mew x-kot
Vajzat Mjau - Mbrojtëset E Planetit al

Pia Carrot E Youkoso!! 2 Dx

  • OVA, 1999-2000, 6 eps,

Pc2dx, Pcdx
Pia キャロット へ ようこそ!! 2 Dx
Welcome To Pia Carrot 2 Dx
Welcome To Pia Carrot!! 2 Dx
Piaキャロットへようこそ!! 2 Dx ja

Pia Carrot E Youkoso!! Gekijouban: Sayaka No Koi Monogatari

  • Movie
  • 19.10.2002

Pia Carrot - The Movie
Welcome To Pia Carrot!! The Movie: Sayaka`s Love Story
Piaキャロットへようこそ!! 劇場版 ~さやかの恋物語~ ja
Sayaka is asked to help out at the opening summer of the newest Pia Carrot restaurant on the beach. Reluctant to go due to her secretive crush on her coworker Akihiko, she nevertheless agrees to her manager's request. Arriving to a sunny paradise, she still cannot find peace and longs for the strength to confess her feelings. Will the summer apart fade her heart or will the longing give her the power to express her feelings?

Variable Geo

  • OVA, 1996-1997, 3 eps,

ヴァリアブル・ジオ ja


  • TV Series, 2010, 13 eps,

Working!! ja
Wagnaria!! en

Ichigo 100% (2005)

  • OVA, 4 episodes
  • 20.06.2005 till 31.10.2005

I100 Ova
Ichigo 100% - Oav
Strawberry 100% Ova
いちご100% (2005) ja
Stormy Spring Festival of the Night Mist Chapter — The film club is preparing their room for the school spring festival; but due to various circumstances the room ends up devastated and everyone but Junpei is gone, so he has to clean up the mess by himself. Luckily, late that evening one girl returns to help out... Oumi Academy Exodus Chapter — One morning Junpei wakes up and finds Yui in his bed. She is there because she has a fever and cannot stay in the dorms. Since he is late for class already she asks him a favour, to return her friends' notes before classes start. This is problematic since Yui attends Oumi Academy, an all-girls school that has guards, crazy miko teachers, electric fences, and even a Bondage Club. And this is also the same school that Tsukasa goes to. Fresh Pension Crisis ~ Be Careful of the Owner! — The whole film club team, plus Nishino, Yui, Chinami, and a new girl named Mukai Kozue are travelling to a new resort deep in the mountains where they accepted jobs over the summer holidays. This is to raise funds for further film projects, and the pay is good. But soon enough they learn what the male crew of this resort actually is up to... Sudden change of Heart!? — All the film club members, including the guests Chinami and Kozue, are discussing the next film project they plan to shoot. But when shy Toujou, who normally only writes scripts about pure love, suddenly suggests doing a Yakuza movie and openly declares she loves Manaka things begin to get out of hand, and slowly the boys are facing a development they would never have dreamed of, not in their worst nightmares... Source: anime.mikomi.org (edited)


  • TV Series, 2011, 13 eps,

Wagnaria!! 2
Working!! 2
Working´!! ja
Wagnaria!!2 en


  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 01.10.2016 till 24.12.2016

Www.working!! ja
Www.wagnaria!! en
* Based on the Working!! 4-koma seinen manga by Takatsu Karino, serialised in Young Gangan. Higashida Daisuke, a first-year high school student at an elite school in Hokkaido, learns that his father's company went bankrupt. Thus Daisuke effectively loses his allowance to pay for his phone bill and even worse the money for his train pass to school that is 15 km away. Even though he very much would prefer spending his time studying, he takes on a part-time job at the conveniently close Wagnaria family restaurant, to support his irresponsible parents and younger sister. Working under the stern, same-aged floor chief Miyakoshi Hana, it quickly becomes clear that the staff at this restaurant is all but normal: Hana bullies the manager Sakaki Ken'ichirou for feeding stray cats close to the restaurant, but will put on the kindest smile for customers entering the restaurant. The slightly older Muranushi Sayuri greets a regular elderly customer and serves him coffee, but seems to be the only one able to see said customer. Strangely she does not believe in the supernatural. The sluggish, yet manipulative Kondou Kisaki, a university student, easily convinces the gullible manager that she should start her shift later, for the good of the restaurant. Hana objects, so Kisaki asks her a history question, embarrassing Hana. Kisaki's trick to continue smoking does not work or impress Daisuke, though. The friendly Adachi Masahiro is in charge of the kitchen, alongside Kouno Takuya who also works there. Kamakura Shiho, serving on the floor, is the daughter of a company president, solving problems by throwing money at them, literally. Shindou Yuuta is working several part-time jobs, because his father is in debt to Shiho's father. Obviously Shiho does not need to work at the restaurant, but she was rejected by Yuuta when they were young, and is still holding a grudge. And so Daisuke's unusual working life at this family restaurant begins... — written by foo2


  • TV Series, 2015, 13 eps,

Working!! 3
Working!!! ja
Wagnaria!!3 en

Dream C Club Pure Songs Clips

  • Music Video, 6 episodes
  • 10.12.2010

Dream C Club Pure Songs Clips ja


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