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Shinryaku! Ika Musume

  • TV Series, 2010, 12 eps,

Ika Musume, Ikamusume
The Invader Comes From The Bottom Of The Sea!
вторжение кальмарки
нашествие девочки кальмарки!
侵略! 乌贼娘
侵略! イカ娘 ja
Squid Girl en
Sépijka cs

Dark Cat

  • OVA
  • 28.11.1991

ダークキャット ja
Dark Cat en
* Based on a manga by Kimura Naomi, serialised in Monthly Halloween. Hyoi and Ryoi, two warriors for good, purr their way into your heart disguised as a pair of friendly cats. Unfortunately for the people of Japan, their evil enemy, Jukokubo, has released a new terror onto the unsuspecting students at Hyoi and Ryoi's school. As the terror envelopes the student body in an eruption of chaotic, blood thirsty, tentacles... the horror drives their friends to madness and death. Now they must stop the evil plague before the infestation destroys everyone they know and care about. With heart pounding terror, this animated tale of horror will excite and surprise you. But beware! This is not a story for the weak. With graphic violence the likes of which few have seen, Dark Cat is the ultimate modern horror movie for the die-hard animation fan. Source: Media Blaster

Kagaku Na Yatsura

  • OVA, 2013,

Those Science Freaks
과학적인 녀석들
カガクなヤツら ja

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

  • TV Series, 2011, 12 eps,

Shinryaku! Ika Musume 2
Shinryaku! Ika Musume Ii
Squid Girl 2
侵略!? イカ娘 ja
Návrat Sépijky! cs