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Tenkuu No Shiro Laputa

  • Movie, 1986,

Castle In The Sky
Laputa : Le Château Dans Le Ciel
Laputa, лапута
Laputa: Castel în Cer
Laputa: O Castelo No Céu
Laputa: The Flying Island
небесний замок лапута
天空の城ラピュタ ja
Laputa: Castle In The Sky en
Le Château Dans Le Ciel fr
Das Schloss Im Himmel de
Laputa - Il Castello Nel Cielo it
Laputa - Slottet I Himlen sv
El Castillo En El Cielo es
Laputa: Nebeský Zámek cs
Laputa - Podniebny Zamek pl
천공의 성 라퓨타 ko
Gökteki Kale tr
Dangaus Pilis Laputa lt
Laputa: Linna Taivaalla fi
Laputa, Lendav Kindlus et
лапута: замъкът в небето bg
небесный замок лапута ru
הטירה בשמיים he
Laputa - Az égi Palota hu
O Castelo No Céu pt-br
το κάστρο στον ουρανό el
ลาพิวต้า พลิกตำนานเหนือเวหา th
天空之城 zh
Laputa: Himmelslottet no

Gin`iro No Kami No Agito

  • Movie, 2006,

Agito Srebrzystowłosy
Atsiradimas - Praeities Dvasios
Gin-iro No Kami No Agito
Giniro No Kami No Agito
Origini - Spirite Ale Trecutului
Silver-haired Agito
Spirit Of The Past
серебряновласый агито
серебряноволосый агито
срібноволосий аґіто
الأصل: أرواح الماضي
銀色の髪のアギト ja
Origin: Spirits Of The Past en
Origin - Spirits Of The Past de
Origine it
Origin: Spirits Of The Past pl
исток ru
Origem: Espíritos Do Passado pt-br

Howl No Ugoku Shiro

  • Movie
  • 20.11.2004

El Castillo Errante De Howl
Hauru No Ugoku Shiro
Hmc, Hnus, Howl
Howl`un Yürüyen şatosu
Howlov Putujući Dvorac
Keliaujanti Haulo Pilis
Lâu đài Di động Của Howl
движещият се замък на хоул
мандрівний замок
рухомий замок хаула
قلعة هاول المتحركة
ハウルの動く城 ja
Howl`s Moving Castle en
Le Château Ambulant fr
Das Wandelnde Schloss de
Il Castello Errante Di Howl it
Det Levande Slottet sv
El Castillo Ambulante es
Zámek V Oblacích cs
Ruchomy Zamek Hauru pl
Yürüyen şato tr
Haulo Burtai: Keliaujanti Pilis lt
Pokretni Dvorac hr
Liikkuva Linna fi
Howli Liikuv Kindlus et
Castelul Umblător Al Lui Howl ro
замъкът на хаул bg
ходячий замок ru
הטירה הנעה he
哈尔的移动城堡 zh-hans
A Vándorló Palota hu
O Castelo Animado pt-br
Det Levende Slot da
το κινούμενο κάστρο el
قلعه متحرک هاول fa
O Castelo Andante pt
哈爾移動城堡 zh
El Increíble Castillo Vagabundo es-la
čarovnik Howl In Gibljivi Grad sl
Det Levende Slottet no
Howl`s Moving Castle nl
Sophie Hatter, the eldest of three, is apprenticed to make hats for the people of Ingary, a place where spells, magic cloaks, and seven-league boots exist. She and all the young girls are warned to stay inside or be taken by Howl, the evil wizard whose black castle can be seen moving through the hills. After an encounter with a witch and with a spell cast on her to make her an old woman, Sophie goes to seek adventure. She heads towards Howl's moving castle where she will encounter things she had never imagined. Source: ANN

R.o.d: Read Or Die

  • OVA, 2001-2002, 3 eps,

R.o.d リード・オア・ダイ
R.o.d, Rod, Rod Ova
Read Or Die Ova
читай або помри
R.o.d Read Or Die ja
R.o.d - Read Or Die en
R.o.d - Read Or Die de
прочти или умри ru

Tenkuu No Escaflowne

  • TV Series, 1996, 26 eps,

Escaflowne, Tne, Voe, Escaflowne Tv
видение эскафлона
видението за ескафлоне
天空のエスカフローネ ja
The Vision Of Escaflowne en
Vision D`escaflowne fr
Vision Of Escaflowne de
I Cieli Di Escaflowne it
La Visión De Escaflowne es
La Visió De L`escaflowne ca
La Visión De Escaflowne es-la


  • Movie, 2001, 1 ep,

Ozamu Tesukas Metropolis
メトロポリス ja
Metropolis en
Robotic Angel de
Metropolis fi
Metropol et
метрополис ru
מטרופוליס he
Metropolisz hu
Metropolis pt
Metrópolis es-la

Fushigi No Umi No Nadia

  • TV Series, 1990-1991, 39 eps,

Ang Mahiwagang Kwintas
Il Mistero Della Pietra Azzurra
Nadia Of The Mysterious Seas
Nadia, Nadia Tv
Nadia: El Secret De L`aigua Blau
Nadia: El Secreto Del Agua Azul
Nadia: Secret Of Blue Water
Nadja Z Tajemných Moří
The Secret Of Blue Water
надя C загадочного моря
신비한 바다의 나디아
ふしぎの海のナディア ja
Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water en
Nadia, Le Secret De L`eau Bleue fr
Die Macht Des Zaubersteins de
Nadia - Il Mistero Della Pietra Azzurra it
Nadia: Mavi Suyun Esrarı tr
Matka Maapallon Ympäri fi
الماسة الزرقاء ar

Patapata Hikousen No Bouken

  • TV Series, 26 episodes
  • 05.01.2002 till 29.06.2002

Adventures Of Patapata Aircraft
Patapata, Socs
Secret Of Cerulean Sand
パタパタ飛行船の冒険 ja
Le Secret Du Sable Bleu fr
Il Segreto Della Sabbia it
الطاقة الزرقاء ar
* Inspired by and loosely based on Jules Verne's stories: Facing the Flag and The City in the Sahara. A young lady of the noble Buxton family, Jane, is a vivid and cheerful girl, whose long yearning dream is to fly into the clouds and beyond. Being surrounded by the love of her family members as well as that of the servants, Jane's life was a relatively happy one. Her emotions, however, are in turmoil when a letter arrives informing that Jane's eldest and beloved brother, George, who was participating on the expedition to the East, was executed. At the same time, Jane's stepbrother, William, leaves the family due to the protracted feud with their father, who soon after is charged for embezzling. Days pass by and one day, Jane receives an envelope sent anonymously. Inside, there is a tiny piece of cerulean stone and right in front of Jane's eyes a mysterious phenomenon occurs... "Could this be the Floating Water George was searching for?" "And could this be a letter sent by George?" Jane wonders. Convinced of George's survival, Jane decides to embark on a quest to the unknown land in the East to find her brothers. An adventure begins that will lead her from the safety of her English manor house to the vast foreboding deserts of the Middle East and then to isolated mountain trails somewhere in the Caucasus. Chasing after various clues appearing only as hushed rumours and forgotten legends, Jane and her protective fellow travellers find themselves having to fight off a band of soldiers equipped with strange airships, who are seemingly intent on keeping the Cerulean Sand a secret from all outsiders. Note: This series was a co-production between Japanese and Korean animation teams and was aired simultaneously in both countries.

Mirai Shounen Conan

  • TV Series, 1978, 26 eps,

Fbc, Msc
The Boy In Future
конан - мальчик из будущего
عدنان ولينا
未来少年コナン ja
Future Boy Conan en
Conan Le Fils Du Futur fr
Conan, Il Ragazzo Del Futuro it
Conan, El Niño Del Futuro es
Conan, El Nen Del Futur ca
Conan tr
مغامرات عدنان ar
Conan, O Rapaz Do Futuro pt

Tide-line Blue

  • TV Series, 2005, 12 eps,

Tlb, Tlblue
タイドライン・ブルー ja

Ashita No Nadja

  • TV Series, 50 episodes
  • 02.02.2003 till 25.01.2004

Nadja Of Tomorrow
Nadja, Nádia
Tomorrow`s Nadja
نادجا الغد
明日のナージャ ja
Nadja Applefields fr
Nadja Applefield it
Nadja Apple Fields pt-br
Nadja pt
Nadja Del Mañana es-la
This story takes place about one hundred years ago. Nadja is a bright, cheerful girl who was raised in an orphanage near London, England. Nadja was entrusted to the orphanage when she was a baby. So she thought her father and mother were dead. But before her thirteenth birthday, she found out that her mother might be alive... Nadja sets out on a journey to find her mother! With all of Europe as the stage, Nadja's exciting adventure begins!

Kino No Tabi: The Beautiful World

  • TV Series, 2003, 13 eps,

Călătoria Lui Kino: Lumea Frumoasă
Kino No Tabi
Kino No Tabi, Kino`s Journey, Kino
Kino`nun Seyahati: Güzel Dünya
Kino`s Travels: The Beautiful World
Kinos Journey
Podróż Kino
Viaje De Kino: El Maravilloso Mundo
подорож кіно ~прекрасний світ~
прекрасный мир кинопутешествия
путешествие кино - прекрасный мир
пътуването на кино - прекрасният свят
странствия кино
キノの旅 -the Beautiful World- ja
Kino`s Journey: The Beautiful World en
L`odyssée De Kino fr
Kino`s Journey de
Kinos Resa sv
המסע של קינו he
سفرهای کینو: دنیای زیبا fa

Hagane No Renkinjutsushi (2009)

  • TV Series, 2009-2010, 64 eps,

(2009) الخيميائي المعدني الكامل
Fma (2009), Fma2, Fma: B, Fma:b, Fmab, Hagaren (2009), Hagaren2, стоманеният алхимик (2009 г.)
Full Metal Alchemist 2
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist (2009)
Fullmetal Alchemist 2
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Metal Simyacı: Kardeşlik
Metalinis Alchemikas 2
Stalowy Alchemik
металният алхимик 2
металният алхимик: братство
стальной алхимик: братство
стоманеният алхимик 2
стоманеният алхимик: братство
суцільнометалевий алхімік: братерство
אלכימאי המתכת 2009
الخيميائي المعدني الكامل: الأخوة
钢之炼金术师 2009
강철의 연금술사 리메이크
鋼の錬金術師 Fullmetal Alchemist (2009) ja
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood en
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fr
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood de
Fullmetal Alchemist - Bratrství cs
Full Metal Alchemist: Fraternitate ro
железният алхимик: братство bg
钢之炼金术师 Fullmetal Alchemist zh-hans
Fullmetal Alchemist: Testvériség hu
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood pt-br
цулметаллан алхимич: ахан дүүсийн барилдлага mn
کیمیاگر تمام فلزی : داستان برادری fa
сталевий алхімік. братерство uk


  • Movie
  • 24.06.2000

Escaflowne: A Girl In Gaea
Escaflowne: La Película
Eskaflonė: Mergina Iš Gajos
видение эскафлона - фильм
エスカフローネ ja
Escaflowne: The Movie en
Escaflowne - Une Fille Sur Gaia fr
Escaflowne - The Movie de
천공의 에스카폴로네 ko
Escaflowne: O Filme pt
* Based on the story by Kawamori Shouji. Kanzaki Hitomi is tired of life. Depressed and despondent, she wishes that she could just fade away, to make the pain of living stop hurting. Her pain resonates with that of another being on the world of Gaea, and when her wish is granted, she finds herself in a strange land. She is greeted as the Wing Goddess, who possess the power to summon the legendary Escaflowne. Hitomi's fate is intertwined with the brash young warrior king Van Fanel, who also feels that life has lost its meaning. Sworn to strike back at the Black Dragon Clan which destroyed his kingdom, he fights to exist, and he exists to fight. The arrival of the Wing Goddess marks the final turning point in Van's battle, as she holds the entire world's destiny in her heart. By summoning Escaflowne, the Wing Goddess will choose the path of Gaea's future. But is her heart's desire salvation... or destruction? Note: This is a re-telling of the Escaflowne TV series, the plot follows a different approach though.

Turn A Gundam

  • TV Series, 1999-2000, 50 eps,

كاندام `بالمقلوب
∀gundam ja
Turn A Gundam en


  • Movie, 1995, 3 eps,

Memories ja
Memories en
Memories fr
Recuerdos Peligrosos es
Anılar tr
Atsiminimai lt
Memories - Muistoja Tulevaisuudesta fi
воспоминания о будущем ru
Emlékek hu
Memories pt-br
Recuerdos es-la

Robot Carnival

  • OVA, 1987, 9 eps,

Robotų Karnavalas
ロボットカーニバル ja
Robot Carnival en
Robot Carnival de

Mirai Shounen Conan (1979)

  • Movie
  • 15.09.1979

Future Boy Conan Movie
未来少年コナン (1979) ja
In the aftermath of a war fought by magnetic weapons which caused massive earthquakes, a young and spunky boy naned Conan gets involved in a grand adventure. Conan lives in a world that is mostly oceans; the major land masses having been destroyed by the weapons of the great war. He meets a young girl named Lana, and they eventually foil the plans of the city-state of Industria which wants to regain the lethal weapons.



Mirai Shounen Conan: Tokubetsu Hen - Kyodaiki Gigant No Fukkatsu

  • Movie, 1984, 1 ep,

未来少年コナン特別篇 巨大機ギガントの復活 ja



Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari: Eien E No Bunkiten

  • TV Series, 2006-2007, 24 eps,

Gara2, Gr2
銀河鉄道物語 ~永遠への分岐点~ ja
The Galaxy Railways 2 en