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Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo

  • TV Series, 2012-2013, 24 eps,

дівчатко-звірятко із сакура-со
さくら荘のペットな彼女 ja
The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou en
кошечка из сакурасо ru
樱花庄的宠物女孩 zh-hans
ซากุระโซว หอพักสร้างฝัน th

Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

  • TV Series, 2006, 12 eps,

Alchemist Grade 3: Magical Pokahn
Magical Pokan
Magical Poken
Majipoka, Pokan
Renkin Sankyu Magical? Pokan
炼金3级 魔法少女
錬金3級 まじかる? ぽか~ん ja

Iketeru Futari

  • TV Series, 1999, 16 eps,

Cool Couple
клевая пара
イケてる2人 ja

Hanaukyou Maid Tai Ova

  • OVA, 3 episodes
  • 19.09.2001 till 07.11.2001

Hanaukyo Maids Ova
Maids In Hanaukyo Ova
花右京メイド隊 Ova ja
Tarou learns more about Cynthia's life and her alter ego Grace. He also undergoes training with his bodyguard Konoe. And finally, Ikuyo dupes Tarou into spending a whole day disguised as a maid. Source: ANN

Kigurumikku V3

  • Web, 3 episodes
  • 06.04.2009 till ??.??.2009

きグルみっく☆v3 ja
Hyper girl Edomae Azuki and her friends Matsuki Mutsumi and Shihoudou Serika protect the peaceful order of a town by transforming into Kigurumikku-Swan, Kigurumikku-Falcon, and Kigurumikku-Swallow, respectively, via cosplay outfits. Kigurumi is a type of cosplay that essentially turns a wearer into a giant plush toy or doll. Note: The three episodes in this magical girl parody project are designed to look like a compilation of the best episodes from a nonexistent television series.

Den`ei Shoujo Video Girl Ai

  • OVA, 1992, 6 eps,

Den`ei Shoujo Ai
Vg Ai, Vgai, Dsa, Vga
電影少女 Video・girl・ai ja
Video Girl Ai en
Video Girl Ai fr

Green Green (2003)

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 13.07.2003 till 28.09.2003

Green Green Tv
Verde Verde Tv
грийн грийн
أخضر أخضر
グリーングリーン (2003) ja
Green Green (2003) en
жаркое лето ru
* Based on the game by Groover. It is the refreshing season of early summer. Deep in the lonely mountains, surrounded by endless nature, the secluded male reform school Hane no Oto Campus is located. Among the illustrious students, meet the Baka Trio (Idiotic Trio): the motivated spirit Bachi-Guu, your typical idiot Ichibansei, and the big guy Tenjin. Not to forget the obligatory average main character Takasaki Yuusuke. Worrying about their campus life, disaster strikes! Before boys and girls can attend classes together, an evaluation period was required, allowing high school girls to visit the all-boys campus. Of course the Baka Trio hears of the "female invasion" first, and is appropriately exited. However, faced with the unknown opposite sex from the city, they do not know how they should approach them. And so, eventually a bus-load of girls arrives at the campus. "Yuusuke-kun!" — One of the exuberant female students, Chitose Midori, exclaims exiting the bus, greeting the dumbfounded Yuusuke. Their eyes meet, and the girl hugs Yuusuke severely... but who is this strange girl? Source: AnimeNfo

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

  • TV Series, 2001, 12 eps,

Automatic Maiden
まほろまてぃっく Automatic Maiden ja
Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden en
Mahoromatic fr
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden de
махороматик: автоматическая девушка ru


  • TV Series, 2010, 13 eps,

Mitsudomoe 1
みつどもえ ja

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden - Motto Utsukushii Mono

  • TV Series, 2002-2003, 14 eps,

Mahoromatic S2
Mahoromatic Tv 2
Mahoromatik 2 - Něco Krásnějšího
Mm2, Mahoromatic 2
махороматик: еще больше прекрасного!
มาโฮโระมาติก 2
まほろまてぃっく Automatic Maiden ~もっと美しいもの~ ja
Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful en

Fuuun Ishin Dai Shougun

  • TV Series, 2014, 12 eps,

Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun
風雲維新ダイ☆ショーグン ja
Dai Shogun: Great Revolution en
Dai-shogun: Der Große Wandel de

Choujuushin Gravion

  • TV Series, 2002, 13 eps,

Super Heavy God Gravion
超重神グラヴィオン ja
Gravion en
Super Gravity God Gravion fr
Gravion pt

Weiss Survive R

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 05.12.2009 till 27.03.2010

Weiß Survive R
ヴァイス・サヴァイヴ R ja
* Based on the card game series Weiß Schwarz by Bushiroad and illustrated by Fujima Takuya. Back in the real world teen boy Takeshi and girl Michi encounter the busty new girl Shizuru, that Takeshi seems to remember from his dreams. She has a huge crush on Michi, and when card players in Akihabara get assaulted for their cards, the plot starts to thicken, making Takeshi wonder who Shizuru really is. — written by foo2

Koihime Musou

  • TV Series, 2008, 12 eps,

Matchless Love Princess
несравненная принцесса любви
恋姫†無双 ja
Koihime Musou en

Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan

  • OVA, 2007-2008, 4 eps,

Nhu Tam Quốc Chí đột Kích!! Ryofuko-chan
やわらか三国志 突き刺せ!! 呂布子ちゃん ja


  • TV Series, 2004, 12 eps,

ゆめりあ ja
Yumeria en
Yumeria fr

Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai!

  • TV Series, 2012, 12 eps,

Ascultati-ma Fetelor. Eu Sunt Tatal Vostru!
I`m Your Father!
Listen To Me
Papa No Iu Koto Wo Kikinasai!
Papakiki, パパ聞き!
слушайтесь папу!
パパのいうことを聞きなさい! ja
Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! en
要听爸爸的话! zh-hans

Dog Days

  • TV Series, 2011, 13 eps,

Psie Dni
дните на кучетата
собачьи деньки
روزهای سگی
Dog Days ja

Time Bokan Oudou Fukko

  • OVA, 1993-1994, 2 eps,

Time Bokan Ova
タイムボカン王道復古 ja
Time Bokan: Royal Revival en
Time Bokan fr

Kishin Houkou Demonbane (2006)

  • TV Series, 2006, 12 eps,

Demonbane Tv
Roar Of The Machine God Demonbane
богът на машините - демонбане
機神咆吼デモンベイン (2006) ja
Demonbane en