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Omishi Mahou Gekijou: Risky/safety

  • TV Series, 24 episodes
  • 05.10.1999 till 04.04.2000

Mahou Shinshi Gekijou Risky Safety
Risky Safety
волшебный театр омиси: риски и сэйфти
臣士魔法劇場 リスキー★セフティ ja
Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety en
Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety is a rather mild shoujo-esque series from (bizarrely enough) Omishi Rei, the creator of the somewhat perverse Bakuretsu Hunters, to which it is not even remotely similar. Mild is the operative word here, as there is virtually no action to speak of, very little music, or even much dialogue. In fact, the series is built entirely on visual cuteness and lots of introspection, leading me to believe that it's probably much better suited to the manga version, and that you might have a hard time getting into the anime. Katusragi Moe was feeling blue one day, when a tiny little death god appeared before her and attempted to kill her. Fortunately for her he didn't have much experience at his job, and in a moment of her happiness was suddenly replaced by an equally tiny angel. As it turns out, Risky and Safety are both apprentices in their respective jobs, and as their final challenge must share a body and attempt to win their full title by taking or protecting souls, respectively. Of course that makes life kind of difficult for them, and for everyone around them...

Busou Shinki Moon Angel

  • Web, 2011-2012, 10 eps,

Armored Angels - Moon Angel
бойова шінкі: місячний янгол
武装神姫 Moon Angel ja

Petit Eva: [email protected]

  • Web, 2007-2009, 24 eps,

Puchi Eva: [email protected]
ぷちえゔぁ [email protected] ja

Aa! Megami-sama! Chicchaitte Koto Wa Benri Da Ne!

  • TV Series, 1998-1999, 48 eps,

Ah! My Goddess: Being Small Is Convenient
Ams: Chikobene, Mini Goddess
моя богиня! приключения мини-богинь
오! 나의 여신님 ~작다는 것은 편리해~
ああっ女神さまっ 小っちゃいって事は便利だねっ ja
The Adventures Of Mini-goddess en
Ah! My Mini Goddess fr
Mini-göttinnen de

Iketeru Futari

  • TV Series, 1999, 16 eps,

Cool Couple
клевая пара
イケてる2人 ja

Ippatsu Kikimusume

  • TV Series, 16 episodes
  • 05.10.1999 till 29.10.1999

Dangerous Girl
Miss Critical Moment
イッパツ危機娘 ja
Kunyan is just a girl with a talent for getting herself into improbably bad situations. Each episode begins with her stuck in a bizarre and physically painful position. It doesn't really matter how she got to that point - as far as we know she just has an instinct for this sort of thing. What matters is how she can get out of them. Faced with these challenges, she must use strength, skill, the laws of physics, and what little wits she has to extricate herself - preferably after much trial and error and ultimately in the most difficult way possible.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 01.04.2016 till 24.06.2016

宇宙パトロールルル子 ja
Space Patrol Luluco en
Luluco, a thirteen-year-old middle school girl, lives in the Space Immigration Zone, in the former Tokyo district Ogikubo, together with her father, Keiji, who works for the zone's Space Patrol division. Despite being a part of this wondrous district, full of alien immigrants, Luluco would rather live the life of a normal schoolgirl. When her father is accidentally frozen by alien contraband, Luluco is forced to request help from her father's Space Patrol division. Surprisingly, Luluco is appointed a member of the Space Patrol by the division chief, Over Justice Honbuchou, in order to pay the fees required to revive her father. From then on, Luluco's previously normal life drastically changes as she is sent on daily missions to protect Ogikubo from space criminals. On these missions she bands together with her assigned trigger-happy partner and alien exchange student Alpha-Omega Nova, as well as their formerly criminal mutual classmate Midori. Source: Wikipedia

Channel 5.5 2nd Season

  • Web, 2014, 4 eps,

チャンネル5.5 (2014) ja

Koukaku Kidoutai Nyuumon Arise

  • TV Series, 2014, 26 eps,

Ghost In The Shell Arise Introduction
攻殻機動隊入門あらいず ja

Di Gi Charat

  • TV Series, 1999, 16 eps,

Digi Charat
ди-ги карат
Di Gi Charat ja

Azumanga Web Daiou

  • Web, 2000, 1 ep,

あずまんがweb大王 ja


  • Web, 5 episodes
  • 01.05.2002 till 01.05.2003

Urda -ウルダ- ja
This fictional story took place in Europe around 1943. At that time Nazi secretly plotted a plan called Urda. Two agents, Janet and Erna received a task to investigate and prevent the completion of the secret plan.

Daicon Iii & Iv Opening Animation

  • Other, 2 episodes
  • 22.08.1981 till 20.08.1983

Daicon Opening Animation
Daicon, Daikon
Daicon Iii & Iv Opening Animation ja
"It's either real, or it's a dream, there's nothing that is in between." There are many ways one can describe the Daicon III and IV videos, but when someone pointed out to me the quote above (which is a lyric to the song in the Daicon IV video), it made me realize something: these short videos represent the dreams of science fiction and animation fans the world over -- the dreams of the otaku. It's what a fan might subconsciously envision after watching 12+ hours of anime, having played six or more hours of video games, ingested liters worth of Coke Classic, and having used just a little too much wasabi with the sushi. We are treated to wild and crazy visions of cool, cute, and powerful bunny girls, cities being destroyed and rebuilt, sakura blossoms... just a mish-mash of everything you've ever seen in a way that only makes sense when you're dreaming -- Macross Valkyries with Gundam beam sabers, flying swords performing the "Itano Circus", Darth Vader vs. our hero as Imperial stormtroopers cheer on, a huge white radish firing its main cannon to repopulate the world with trees, all kinds of special effects shots, and reference after reference to the shows and movies which have inspired us, continue to inspire us, and capture our imagination as fans. The Daicon (note: a daikon is a Japanese white radish) videos are cool to watch just for the sake of watching them, but they're important for other reasons, too. Without the Daicon videos, the studio known as Gainax might never have come into being. Daicon III, held in Osaka in 1981, was the 20th Japan Science Fiction Convention. The volunteer staff of mostly college kids created the short (music video length) opening animation for the convention's opening ceremonies. This is the "Daicon III video". Although it was an amateur production using relatively low technology, fans loved it, and the use of opening animations at conventions would become a long-lasting tradition. By Lawrence Eng, full version at: http://www.cjas.org/~echen/articles/spring99/05_08g.html Additional Links: http://www.ask.ne.jp/~akashi/daicon.html http://www.gainax.co.jp/sf2001/report/40nen/20.html http://www.gainax.co.jp/sf2001/report/40nen/22.html

Yume De Aetara

  • TV Series, 1998, 16 eps,

Yume De Aetara Tv
夢で逢えたら ja
If I See You In My Dreams en
Si Te Veo En Mis Sueños es

Meshimase Lodoss-tou Senki: Sorette Oishii No?

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 06.04.2014 till 29.06.2014

召ませロードス島戦記それっておいしいの? ja

Ryuusei No Rockman

  • TV Series, 2006-2007, 55 eps,

Rockman Of The Meteor
Rockman Of The Shooting Star
流星のロックマン ja
Megaman Star Force en

Ryuusei No Rockman Tribe

  • TV Series, 2007-2008, 21 eps,

流星のロックマン トライブ ja

Oruchuban Ebichu

  • TV Series, 1999, 24 eps,

Ebichu Minds The House
おるちゅばんエビちゅ ja

Momoiro Sisters

  • TV Series, 24 episodes
  • 26.08.1998 till 06.10.1998

ももいろシスターズ ja
Momoiro Sisters revolves around two sisters, one is a high school student and the older one is an office lady. The story focuses on women's problems (like breast, first time, sex in general, medical problems and so on) from women's point of view. It's like watching the animated version of women's magazine...


  • TV Series, 10 episodes
  • 05.11.2001 till 16.11.2001

Scorched Bread
жжёный хлеб
жжёный хлебушек
こげぱん ja
Once there was a piece of very special red bean bread baking in the oven, but tragically while the tray was being removed the bread fell and became a burnt brown bread now known as Kogepan. No one would buy burnt bread or be nice to him, so Kogepan became an outcast with no emotion for others. He ran away from home, gets drunk off milk, smokes, and always says negative things about himself. To pass the time, Kogepan reads books on how to become better bread and teaches the pretty bread what he knows of life. He dreams that someday if he works hard enough, he can be worth something too. Source: AnimeNfo