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Seikai No Danshou: Tanjou

  • TV Special, 2000, 1 ep,

Crest Of The Stars: Fragment Birth Of Stars
Lost Chapter Of The Stars
Seikai No Monshou Birth
星界の断章 誕生 ja
Crest Of The Stars: Birth en

Seikai No Monshou

  • TV Series, 1999, 13 eps,

Cots, Snm
Hvězdný Erb
星界の紋章 ja
Crest Of The Stars en
Crest Of The Stars fr

Seikai No Monshou Tokubetsu Hen

  • TV Special, 2000, 1 ep,

Seikai No Monshou Movie
星界の紋章 特別編 ja
Crest Of The Stars Movie en

Seikai No Senki

  • TV Series, 2000, 13 eps,

Battle Flag Of The Stars
Bfots, Bots, Bots1, Sns, Sns1
星界の戦旗 ja
Banner Of The Stars en
성계의 전기 ko

Seikai No Senki Ii

  • TV Series, 2001, 10 eps,

Banner Of The Stars 2
Battle Flag Of The Stars 2
Bfots2, Bots2, Sns2
Seikai No Senki 2
星界の戦旗ii ja
Banner Of The Stars Ii en

Seikai No Senki Iii

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 06.08.2005

Banner Of The Stars 3
Bots3, Sns3
Seikai No Senki 3
星界の戦旗iii ja
Banner Of The Stars Iii en
* Based on the Seikai no Senki sci-fi novel series by Morioka Hiroyuki. Jinto and Lafiel were riding on the lightly-armed transport ship Bokbrusue and navigating at the planar space of the Hyde System. This was for Jinto to govern the Hyde System, which returned to imperial rule after the Union retreated, officially as an Earl. However, the government of Martine, Jinto's motherland, resisted obstinately against the Empire. Meanwhile, the First Devastation Fleet, formed with a new ship type called Attack Vessel, traveled to the Hyde System for drilling practices... Note: Shown via pay-per-view on the 06th of August, 2005. The DVDs were released on the 26th of August, 2005 (volume 1) and the 23rd of September, 2005 (volume 2)

Seikai No Senki Tokubetsu Hen

  • TV Special, 2001, 1 ep,

Battle Flag Of The Stars Special
Seikai No Senki Special
星界の戦旗 特別編 ja
Banner Of The Stars Movie en

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu

  • OVA, 1988-1997, 110 eps,

Ged, Ginei, Hvk, Lgh, Lhg, Logh, Lotgh, Gin`eiden, Gineiden, логг, 銀英伝
Heldensagen Vom Kosmosinsel
La Leggenda Degli Eroi Della Galassia
La Leyenda De Los Héroes De La Galaxia
Legend Of Galactic Heroes
Legend Of The Galactic Heroes
Legenda Galaktycznych Bohaterów
галактична історія героїв
легенда о героях галактики
легендата за галактичните герои
أسطورة أبطال المجرة
Heldensagen Vom Kosmosinsel 銀河英雄伝説 ja
Les Héros De La Galaxie fr
은하영웅전설 ko
Galaksi Kahramanları tr
银河英雄传说 zh-hans
حرب الكواكب ar
افسانه قهرمانان کهکشانی fa

Starship Operators

  • TV Series, 2005, 13 eps,

スターシップ・オペレーターズ ja
Starship Operators de
пилоты звёздных кораблей ru


  • TV Series, 26 episodes
  • 09.10.2008 till 26.03.2009

タイタニア ja
Tytania en
* Based on a novel by award-winning novelist Tanaka Yoshiki. In a future where mankind is scattered across the stars, the Empire of Valdana is under the control of the Tytania family, who forged its influence through intimidation and economic might. In the year 446, Tytania dispatches a large fleet to seize a new piece of technology from the city-state Euriya. Much to everyone's surprise, Euriya decides to resist and wins. Their isolated act of rebellion sets into motion a sequence of events that strains the careful alliances and treaties within the empire, as various factions seek to exploit the situation to their own advantage. In the ensuing turmoil, ambitious members of the Tytania royalty begin moving against each other in an effort to settle old grievances and seize control of the family. What started as an act of rebellion by Euriya quickly expands into a civil war - with the wealth and power of the empire up for grabs to whoever is bold enough to seize it.

Ookami To Koushinryou

  • TV Series, 2008, 12 eps,

Aktar Ve Kurt
Kurt Ve Baharat
S&w, Sw, Saw, Otk
Spicy Wolf
Vilkė Ir Prieskoniai
Wilk I Przyprawa
Wolf And Spice
вовчиця і спеції
вовчиця та спеції
תבלין וזאב
狼と香辛料 ja
Spice And Wolf en
волчица и пряности ru

Musekinin Kanchou Tylor

  • TV Series, 1993, 26 eps,

безответственный капитан тайлор
無責任艦長タイラー ja
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor en
Tylor - The Irresponsible Captain fr
L`irresponsabile Capitano Tylor it
Tylor, El Capitán Irresponsable es-la

Ged Senki: Tales From Earthsea

  • Movie, 2006,

Contos De Terramar
Ged Senki, Gedosen, Gedsen, ゲド戦
Ged`in Savaş Günlükleri
Ged`s War Chronicles
Gedo Senki
Gedo Senki ιστορίες απο την γαιοθάλασσα
магьосникът от землемория
ゲド戦記 Tales From Earthsea ja
Tales From Earthsea en
Les Contes De Terremer fr
Die Chroniken Von Erdsee de
I Racconti Di Terramare it
Legender Från övärlden sv
Cuentos De Terramar es
Příběhy Ze Zeměmoří cs
Opowieści Z Ziemiomorza pl
게드전기 ko
Yerdeniz öyküleri tr
žemjūrės Pasakos lt
Maameren Tarinat fi
Meremaa Lood et
приказки от землемория bg
сказания земноморья ru
הקוסם מארץ ים he
Földtenger Varázslója hu
Legenden Om Jordhavet da
Contos De Terramar pt
地海戰記 zh


  • Movie
  • 29.04.2011

A Lenda Do Dragão Milenar
鬼神伝 ja
Legend Of The Millennium Dragon en
La Légende Du Dragon Millénaire fr
Onigamiden - Legend Of The Millenium Dragon de
La Leyenda Del Dragón Milenario es
Onigamiden: A Lenda Do Dragão Milenar pt-br
La Leyenda Del Dragón Milenario es-la
* Based on a 2004 two-volume novel by the same name from author Takada Takafumi. The film's story revolves around the war between oni (demons) and humans in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto, 1,200 years ago during the Heian period.

Howl No Ugoku Shiro

  • Movie
  • 20.11.2004

El Castillo Errante De Howl
Hauru No Ugoku Shiro
Hmc, Hnus, Howl
Howl`un Yürüyen şatosu
Howlov Putujući Dvorac
Keliaujanti Haulo Pilis
Lâu đài Di động Của Howl
движещият се замък на хоул
мандрівний замок
рухомий замок хаула
قلعة هاول المتحركة
ハウルの動く城 ja
Howl`s Moving Castle en
Le Château Ambulant fr
Das Wandelnde Schloss de
Il Castello Errante Di Howl it
Det Levande Slottet sv
El Castillo Ambulante es
Zámek V Oblacích cs
Ruchomy Zamek Hauru pl
Yürüyen şato tr
Haulo Burtai: Keliaujanti Pilis lt
Pokretni Dvorac hr
Liikkuva Linna fi
Howli Liikuv Kindlus et
Castelul Umblător Al Lui Howl ro
замъкът на хаул bg
ходячий замок ru
הטירה הנעה he
哈尔的移动城堡 zh-hans
A Vándorló Palota hu
O Castelo Animado pt-br
Det Levende Slot da
το κινούμενο κάστρο el
قلعه متحرک هاول fa
O Castelo Andante pt
哈爾移動城堡 zh
El Increíble Castillo Vagabundo es-la
čarovnik Howl In Gibljivi Grad sl
Det Levende Slottet no
Howl`s Moving Castle nl
Sophie Hatter, the eldest of three, is apprenticed to make hats for the people of Ingary, a place where spells, magic cloaks, and seven-league boots exist. She and all the young girls are warned to stay inside or be taken by Howl, the evil wizard whose black castle can be seen moving through the hills. After an encounter with a witch and with a spell cast on her to make her an old woman, Sophie goes to seek adventure. She heads towards Howl's moving castle where she will encounter things she had never imagined. Source: ANN

Kemono No Souja Erin

  • TV Series, 50 episodes
  • 10.01.2009 till 26.12.2009

Erin: Piastunka Bestii
The Beast Player Erin
заклинательница зверей эрин
эрин: исполнитель песен зверей
獣の奏者 エリン ja
* Based on the fantasy novel series written by Uehashi Nahoko. Kemono no Souja Erin is about a young woman who is drawn into a war between kingdoms. 10-year-old Erin is a young girl who lives with her mother in the Tai Koh Region in the small Village of Ake. She has a big love for animals, especially the Touda, dragon-like creatures used in the war. Her mother Soyon was originally of the Mist People, an ancient clan who have members with green hair and eyes, and is rumored to follow in the ancient ways, practice magic, and hide in the mist. But despite her genealogy, they stay in the village because Erin's late father was the son of the village chief and Soyon is the head Touda doctor. One day however a tragedy happens which changes Erin's life forever.

Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo

  • TV Series, 2012-2013, 24 eps,

дівчатко-звірятко із сакура-со
さくら荘のペットな彼女 ja
The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou en
кошечка из сакурасо ru
樱花庄的宠物女孩 zh-hans
ซากุระโซว หอพักสร้างฝัน th

Fullmetal Panic!

  • TV Series, 2002, 24 eps,

!פול מטאל פאניק
Fmp, Fmp!, Fmp1
Full Metal Panic
пълна метална паника!
сталева тривога!
全金属狂潮2 校园篇
フルメタル・パニック! ja
Full Metal Panic! en
Full Metal Panic! de
풀 메탈 패닉! ko
стальная тревога ru
Full Metal Panic! hu
ฟูลเมทัล แพนิค! th
металева тривога uk
全金属狂潮 zh

Fullmetal Panic! The Second Raid

  • TV Series, 2005, 13 eps,

Fmp! Tsr, Fmptsr, Tsr, Fmp Tsr, Fmp2
Full Metal Panic! Drugie Podejście
Full Metal Panic! Tsr
пълна метална паника! нова задача
стальна тривога: другий рейд
стальная тревога! новое задание
フルメタル・パニック! Tsr The Second Raid ja
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid en
Fullmetal Panic! The Second Raid it
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid sv
풀 메탈 패닉 더 세컨드 레이드(tsr) ko
стальная тревога. новый рейд ru
сталева тривога! нове завдання uk
全金属狂潮3 zh

Fullmetal Panic? Fumoffu

  • TV Series, 2003, 11 eps,

Fmp:f, Fmp?, Fmp? F, Fmpf, Fumoffu, Fmp Fumoffu
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
пълна метална паника? фумоффу
стальна тривога: фумоффу
стальная тревога? фумоффу
フルメタル・パニック? ふもっふ ja
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu en
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu it
풀 메탈 패닉 후못후 ko
стальная тревога: фумоффу ru
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu pt-br
сталева тривога? фумоффу uk
全金属狂潮2 zh
Fumoffu es-la