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  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 07.10.2008 till 23.12.2008

黒塚 ja
A story of obsessive love and constant pursue told over a 1000 year period. Escaping from a brother who had just ascended the throne, Yoshitsune, along with his servant, comes across a house in the middle of a desolate mountain. Oddly enough, only a young woman lives there, who seems to possess a very dark and ominous past. It starts out with Kurou meeting the beautiful woman by the name of Kuromitsu, thus began a relationship which transcends life and memories. A journey of immortals and those who chase after it. The majority of this story takes place a few centuries into the future where Kurou is separated from Kuromitsu and is left without memories. He then begins a search for answers to as to who he is, why he is unable to die and who was the women he is so transfixed upon. Source: Manga-Updates

Juubee-chan 2: Siberia Yagyuu No Gyakushuu

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 08.01.2004 till 01.04.2004

J2, Jubei-chan 2, Jc2
Jubei-chan 2 - The Revenge Of Siberia Yagyuu
Jubei-chan The Ninja Girl 2
Siberia Yagyuu No Gyakushuu
дзюбэй-младшая [тв-2]
дзюбэй-тян 2: контратака сибирских ягю
十兵衛ちゃん2 ~シベリア柳生の逆襲~ ja
Jubei-chan 2: The Counterattack Of Siberia Yagyu en
The fight is over. At least it was! One year has passed, Nanohana Jiyuu is now in the third year of Middle School and spends her days very peaceful and quiet. One day on her way to school, Jiyuu unexpectedly runs across Koinosuke. In his hand, Koinosuke holds the Lovely Eyepatch. When Jiyuu arrives in school, a transfer student has come to her class, whose name is Yagyuu Freesia, her eyes are clear blue and she is supercute. Freesia at once becomes friends with Jiyuu and the others. In the afternoon, all of a sudden a guy appears and slashes at Jiyuu... are those fighting days coming back to happen again?! Source: AnimeNfo

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuioku Hen

  • OVA, 1999, 4 eps,

Kenshin Oav, Kenshin Ova, Rk Oav, Rk Ova, Ruroken Ova 1, Kenshin Ova 1, Reminiscence
Rurouni Kenshin - Tsuiokuhen Ova
Rurouni Kenshin: Recollection Arc
Samurai X: Reminiscence
Samurajus X: Pasitikėjimas Ir Išdavystė
Samuray X: Güven Ve Ihanet
Trust And Betrayal
бродяга кэнсин Ova-1
бурлака кеншін: романтичні оповідання про мечника епохи мейджі - спогади
руроуні кеншін: оповіді мейджі - спогади
ساموراي إكس: الثقة والخيانة
るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚- 追憶編 ja
Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal en
Kenshin Le Vagabond - Le Chapitre De La Mémoire fr
Kenshin Samurai Vagabondo - Memorie Del Passato it
Kenshin: El Guerrero Samurái - Recuerdos es
바람의 검심 추억편 ko

Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

  • TV Series, 2005, 24 eps,

Basilisk: Super-refined Ninja Arts
Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls
базилиск: нинджа свитъкът на кога
バジリスク 甲賀忍法帖 ja
Basilisk en
Basilisk fr
Basilisk: Chronik Der Koga-ninja de
василиск ru
Basilisk pt-br
شينوبي ar
Basilisk - O Pergaminho Secreto Do Ninja Kouga pt

Elf O Karu Mono-tachi

  • TV Series, 1996, 12 eps,

Cazadores De Elfos
Elf Wo Karu Mono-tachi
I Cacciatori Di Elfi
Twhe, Twhe1
които ловят елфи
кто охотятся на эльфов
エルフを狩るモノたち ja
Those Who Hunt Elves en
Ceux Qui Chassent Des Elfes fr
ловцы эльфов ru
אלו הצדים שדונים he
Caçadores De Elfas pt-br
Cazadores De Duendes es-la

Elf O Karu Mono-tachi Ii

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 02.10.1997 till 25.12.1997

Elf Wo Karu Mono-tachi Ii
които ловят елфи Ii
кто охотятся на эльфов Ii
エルフを狩るモノたち Ii ja
Those Who Hunt Elves Ii en
Ceux Qui Chassent Des Elfes 2 fr
ловцы эльфов 2 ru
Caçadores De Elfas (2) pt-br
Cazadores De Duendes 2 es-la
Martial arts expert Junpei, Hollywood superstar Airi, and machine gun toting tomboy Ritsuko (also known as Those Who Hunt Elves) continue their quest to find their way back to their native world. To do that, however, they'll have to locate the fragments of the spell that sent them to the land of elves in the first place - and it's hidden as tattoos on the bodies of five female elves! They'll strip every elf in the land in order to find what they need; and, despite the protests of her newly naked subjects, the elves' elder, Celcia, continues to help in the search. Because the naked truth is if the elf hunters aren't sent back home soon, their world and the world of the elves may both cease to exist in a bang of cosmic proportions. It's strip or be vaporized as Those Who Hunt Elves comes to its explosive conclusion.

Samurai Deeper Kyou

  • TV Series, 2002, 26 eps,

Samurai Deeper キョウ ja
Samurai Deeper Kyo en
Samurai Deeper Kyo fr
Samurai Deeper Kyo pl
사무라이 디퍼 쿄우 ko


  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 26.01.2010 till 11.12.2010

Sword Stories
истории мечей
قصص السيوف
刀語 ja
Katanagatari en
* Based on a light novel series by Nishio Ishin. The legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki made 1000 swords in his career. The more of these swords a state had, the greater the success in battle. When the Shogun emerged victorious, he collected 988 of the swords... but those were only the swordsmith's inferior practice pieces. For the final twelve swords were the pinnacle of his career. Each of them has powers so extraordinary, that one man wielding one of them could defeat a small army. Shogunate strategist Togame has been ordered to recover all of them. She first hired a ninja... but the worth of the swords is so great the entire ninja clan defected the moment they recovered one. Then she hired a swordsman... though bound by honour, he felt he should keep the sword for himself. Her last hope is Shichika, the seventh and last practitioner of the Kyotoryuu — the No Sword School. He and his sister live on an island cut off from civilization — so they have no need or use for money. His sword school does not use swords either — so he would not want the swords for himself. So why should he help Togame? "Because you will fall in love with me." Source: EasternStandard.pbworks.com


  • TV Series, 2004-2012, 366 eps,

Bleach Tv
Btv, белина
Bleach ja
Bleach en
Bleach de
블리치 ko
блич ru
`בליץ he
بليتش ar
Bleach pt
บลีช เทพมรณะ th
Izbeljivač sr
بلیچ ur

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

  • TV Series, 2000, 13 eps,

Carried By The Wind
La Chica Samurai
Ran The Samurai Girl
перекати-поле цукикагэ ран
風まかせ月影蘭 ja
Carried By The Wind: Tsukikage Ran en
Ran, The Samurai Girl pt-br


  • TV Series, 2002-2007, 220 eps,

Naruto Tv
Naruto 少年篇
Naruto: Shounen Hen
Phénomène Naruto
ナルト 少年篇
Naruto ja
Naruto en
Naruto pl
나루토 ko
Narutas lt
наруто bg
נארוטו he
ناروتو ar
ناروتو fa
Naruto nl
ناروٹو ur
நருடோ ta

Fushigi Yuugi (1996)

  • OVA, 1996-1997, 3 eps,

Fushigi Yûgi Oav
Fushigi Yugi Ova - The Mysterious Play
Fushigi Yuugi Ova 1
Fy Ova1
The Mysterious Play - Ova 1
таинственная игра Ova-1
ふしぎ遊戯 (1996) ja
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play (1996) en
Fushigi Yûgi - The Mysterious Play fr
Fushigi Yuugi - The Mysterious Play Ova de
Tajemnica Przeszłości Ova pl

Fushigi Yuugi: Dai Ni Bu

  • OVA, 1997-1998, 6 eps,

Fushigi Yuugi Ova 2
Fy Ova2
The Mysterious Play - Ova 2
таинственная игра Ova-2
ふしぎ遊戯 第二部 ja
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play (1997) en
Fushigi Yûgi - The Mysterious Play - 2 fr
Fushigi Yûgi - The Mysterious Play - New Ova de
Tajemnica Przeszłości Ova 2 pl

Fushigi Yuugi: Eikouden

  • OVA, 4 episodes
  • 21.12.2001 till 25.06.2002

Fushigi Yuugi Ova 3
Fy Ova3
The Mysterious Play - Eikoden
ふしぎ遊戯 -永光伝- ja
Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play - Eikoden - The Legend Of Eternal Light en
Fushigi Yûgi - Eikoden fr
Tajemnica Przeszłości Ova 3 pl
Miaka and Taka are now happily married and expecting their first child. Unfortunately, Mayo, a jealous young girl infatuated with Taka finds the Universe of the Four Gods and uses the power of Suzaku to steal their unborn baby! Now Taka must return to Konan to save his new family and save Konan from an unknown menace that threatens to destroy the book and all that live within.

Samurai Spirits 2: Asura Zanmaden

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 25.06.1999 till 30.09.1999

самурайский дух Ova
Samurai Spirits 2 ~アスラ斬魔伝~ ja
* Based on fighting game series by SNK. One hundred years after their deaths at the hands of a former colleage, six legendary holy warriors are reborn to seek justice against the teammate who betrayed them into the hands of an evil god. Based upon one of the most popular video games of all time, Samurai Shodown is a sprawling feature-length saga of reincarnation and revenge, featuring some of the most spectacular battle sequences ever animated! Join Charlotte, Wan Fu, Nakoruru, Galford and Tamtam as they search the feudal province of Edo questing for their lost comrade, Haohmaru, and their sworn nemesis Shirou Amakusa. Will the followers of the divine light triumph over the forces of the dark, or is the course of history destined to repeat itself? Before their hundred-year journey has ended, six samurai will prove that the only thing stronger than their holy blades is the steel of their wills! Source: animeart.com

Bamboo Blade

  • TV Series, 2007-2008, 26 eps,

Kiếm Tre
бамбуковий клинок
бамбуковое лезвие
меч от бамбук
להב מבמבוק
バンブーブレード ja
Bamboo Blade en
Bambusová čepeľ sk

Muteki Kanban Musume

  • TV Series, 2006, 12 eps,

Mkm, Miki
Noodle Fighter Miki
無敵看板娘 ja
Ramen Fighter Miki en
무적철가방 ko
สาวน้อยต่อยหนัก th

Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting!

  • TV Series, 2000-2002, 75 eps,

Fighting Spirit Tv
Hajime No Ippo
Hni, Ippo
боен дух: борбата
هاجيمي نو إيبو
はじめの一歩 The Fighting! ja
Fighting Spirit en
Ippo Le Challenger fr
더 파이팅 ko
боен дух: борбата! bg
ก้าวแรกสู่สังเวียน th
Espíritu De Lucha es-la

Hajime No Ippo: Champion Road

  • TV Special, 2003, 1 ep,

Ippo Le Challenger - Champion Road
боен дух: пътят на шампиона
はじめの一歩 -champion Road- ja
Fighting Spirit: Champion Road en

Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! - Kimura Tatsuya Vs Mashiba Ryo

  • OVA, 2003, 1 ep,

боен дух: машиба срещу кимура
はじめの一歩 The Fighting! 木村達也vs間柴了 ja