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  • TV Series, 2002, 24 eps,

りぜるまいん ja

Astarotte No Omocha!

  • TV Series, 2011, 12 eps,

Astarotte Toy
Lotte No Omocha!
Lotte`s Toy
играчката на астароте
アスタロッテのおもちゃ! ja
Astarotte`s Toy en

Iketeru Futari

  • TV Series, 1999, 16 eps,

Cool Couple
клевая пара
イケてる2人 ja

Rou Kyuu Bu!

  • TV Series, 2011, 12 eps,

ロウきゅーぶ! ja
Ro-kyu-bu: Fast Break! en
로큐브! ko

Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan

  • OVA, 2007-2008, 4 eps,

Nhu Tam Quốc Chí đột Kích!! Ryofuko-chan
やわらか三国志 突き刺せ!! 呂布子ちゃん ja

Brigadoon Marin To Melan

  • TV Series, 26 episodes
  • 21.07.2000 till 09.02.2001

ブリガドーン まりんとメラン
Brigadoon まりんとメラン ja
Brigadoon en
Marin is happy enough living in her tenement housing complex with her friendly neighbours, but being an orphan and extremely poor, she often gets teased at school. Her life drastically changes one day when another world mysteriously appears in the sky. To stir things up even more, lethal monsters are constantly dropping from the world and attacking Marin. Luckily, she finds an amulet in a local shrine that unleashes a living weapon named Melan Blue whose mission it is to protect her from harm. As the two learn about and grow to accept each other, Marin struggles to discover why she is somehow at the bottom of all this.

Bps: Battle Programmer Shirase

  • TV Series, 15 episodes
  • 04.10.2003 till 04.01.2004

Korsan Yazılımcı Shirase
бойният програмист ширасе
Bps バトルプログラマーシラセ ja
A crisis occurs when a supercomputer that was transported from Japan to America is stolen by a hacker who calls himself King of America (aka Callatech). This dangerous wacko, was dissatisfied by a product he ordered from Abin Electronics, and to get his revenge he starts to use the just stolen supercomputer to implant viruses in the company's buildings that then cause large explosions. BPS, the eccentric Battle Programmer Shirase, is called upon to resolve the crisis, by confronting the supercomputer — with a borrowed cellphone. But this is only the first of the unusual hacker cases Battle Programmer Shirase is asked to solve...

Love Love?

  • TV Series, 9 episodes
  • 04.05.2004 till 29.06.2004

Love♥love? ja
Love Love? en
The self-conscious high school student Ooizumi Naoto is the writer of the CosPrayers TV show, a secret known only to the producer of the show, Ikuta Mitsuki. He has a crush on Yagami Natsumi, one of the actresses in the show. And so, bit by bit, their relationship develops, not without many twists and turns along the way, though. Source: ANN


  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 07.01.2015 till 20.03.2015

みりたり! ja
Military! en
Military! fr
During a conflict between the Krakozhia Dukedom and the Grania Republic: in the midst of the fighting, a saviour appears to the Dukedom, and it is none other than high school student Yano Souhei's salesman father. This puts Souhei in immediate danger though, so two female soldiers — First Lieutenant Rutogarnikof Chuui and Second Lieutenant Haruka Shoui — appear in tanks to "protect" Souhei's everyday life. Soon thereafter the enemy soldier Shachirof Gunsou with the mission to kill Souhei, sends herself in a package to his home, since she is too lazy to walk there. Souhei's quiet life certainly takes a turn for the unruly, since all parties involved liberally use firearms inside his home.

Papa No Iu Koto O Kikinasai!

  • TV Series, 2012, 12 eps,

Ascultati-ma Fetelor. Eu Sunt Tatal Vostru!
I`m Your Father!
Listen To Me
Papa No Iu Koto Wo Kikinasai!
Papakiki, パパ聞き!
слушайтесь папу!
パパのいうことを聞きなさい! ja
Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! en
要听爸爸的话! zh-hans

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

  • TV Series, 2004-2005, 25 eps,

Tmp, Tsukuyomi
Tsukuyomi Moonphase
фаза луны
月詠 -moon Phase- ja
Moon Phase en

Dance In The Vampire Bund

  • TV Series, 2010, 12 eps,

Bund, Ditvb
танец на вампирском берегу
танець на набережній вампірів
رقص در باند خون آشام
ダンスインザヴァンパイアバンド ja
Dance In The Vampire Bund en
Dance In The Vampire Bund fr
Dance In The Vampire Bund de
Bailando Con Vampiros es


  • TV Series, 2007, 11 eps,

もえたん ja

Ichigo 100% (2005)

  • OVA, 4 episodes
  • 20.06.2005 till 31.10.2005

I100 Ova
Ichigo 100% - Oav
Strawberry 100% Ova
いちご100% (2005) ja
Stormy Spring Festival of the Night Mist Chapter — The film club is preparing their room for the school spring festival; but due to various circumstances the room ends up devastated and everyone but Junpei is gone, so he has to clean up the mess by himself. Luckily, late that evening one girl returns to help out... Oumi Academy Exodus Chapter — One morning Junpei wakes up and finds Yui in his bed. She is there because she has a fever and cannot stay in the dorms. Since he is late for class already she asks him a favour, to return her friends' notes before classes start. This is problematic since Yui attends Oumi Academy, an all-girls school that has guards, crazy miko teachers, electric fences, and even a Bondage Club. And this is also the same school that Tsukasa goes to. Fresh Pension Crisis ~ Be Careful of the Owner! — The whole film club team, plus Nishino, Yui, Chinami, and a new girl named Mukai Kozue are travelling to a new resort deep in the mountains where they accepted jobs over the summer holidays. This is to raise funds for further film projects, and the pay is good. But soon enough they learn what the male crew of this resort actually is up to... Sudden change of Heart!? — All the film club members, including the guests Chinami and Kozue, are discussing the next film project they plan to shoot. But when shy Toujou, who normally only writes scripts about pure love, suddenly suggests doing a Yakuza movie and openly declares she loves Manaka things begin to get out of hand, and slowly the boys are facing a development they would never have dreamed of, not in their worst nightmares... Source: anime.mikomi.org (edited)

Maicching Machiko-sensei

  • TV Series, 95 episodes
  • 08.10.1981 till 21.07.1983

Maicchingu Machiko-sensei
Maitchingu Machiko-sensei
Shame Of Teacher Machiko
まいっちんぐマチコ先生 ja
Miss Machiko en
* Based on the manga by Ebihara Takeshi. The series revolves around Miss Machiko, a new elementary school teacher who wears a revealing red mini-skirt and regularly finds herself in accidental sexual situations. Machiko is very popular with her students, especially the boys, who take delight in lifting up her skirts and devising traps to catch her in various stages of undress. Rather than get angry, Machiko responds by laughing it off and uttering her trademark phrase, Maicchingu! (roughly meaning "Embarrassing!"). Machiko is generally a very kind and patient woman who cares about her students and does her best to help them with their problems. Source: Wikipedia

Macademi Wasshoi!

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 06.10.2008 till 22.12.2008

Magician`s Academy
Makademi Wasshoi!
まかでみwaっしょい! ja
* Based on a light novel series by Sakaki Ichirou, with illustrations by Blade. The Magician's Academy, that normal people cannot attend, is located in a magical land. Hasegawa Takuto is one of the students at the magic academy. During a summoning spell exam, he accidentally creates a girl named Tanarot, who happens to hold unheard of magical power. Fortunately Tanarot professes undying loyalty to her creator much to his embarrassment. Notice: The DTV version is heavily censored, almost like Kodomo no Jikan, but the at-x TV broadcast will be partially uncensored. The DVD version with the 1st volume, released on December 25th 2008, will have the fully uncensored version.

Strike Witches (2008)

  • TV Series, 2008, 12 eps,

Strike Witches Tv
штурмовые ведьмы (2008)
ストライクウィッチーズ(2008) ja
Strike Witches en

Sky Girls

  • OVA, 2006,

Sky Girls
Sky Girls Ova
небесні дівчатка Ova
небесные девочки Ova
فتيات السماء
スカイガールズ ja

Sky Girls (2007)

  • TV Series, 2007, 26 eps,

Sky Girls Tv
небесні дівчатка
スカイガールズ (2007) ja

Brave Witches

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 06.10.2016 till 29.12.2016

храбрые ведьмы
ブレイブウィッチーズ ja
Brave Witches en
1939. Humanity was faced with the sudden appearance of a mysterious foe. They called it the Neuroi. In the blink of an eye, the Neuroi successfully invaded most of Europe, destroying many people's homes and conquering nations. To combat the Neuroi humanity developed a new weapon, the flying Striker Units, that could only be used by Witches — girls with magical power. Witches across the world gathered to use these Striker Units against the Neuroi. A unit of these Witches was formed: the Allied Forces' 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, called the Brave Witches. In September of 1944, thanks to the actions of the Allied Forces, with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches" at their centre, the Neuroi nest in the skies above the Republic of Gallia was eliminated, ensuring the security of western Europe. The Allied Forces took advantage of this victory to go on the offensive in central and eastern Europe. At their base in Petersburg in the Empire of Orussia, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing "Brave Witches" prepared to receive orders to deploy... With the hope of mankind resting on their shoulders, the courageous Witches of the 502nd take to the cold skies over eastern Europe. Source: crunchyroll