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Project A-ko: Final

  • OVA, 1989, 1 ep,

プロジェクトa子 -final-
プロジェクトa子 完結篇
Project A-ko -final- ja
Project A-ko: Love And Robots en

Maicching Machiko-sensei

  • TV Series, 95 episodes
  • 08.10.1981 till 21.07.1983

Maicchingu Machiko-sensei
Maitchingu Machiko-sensei
Shame Of Teacher Machiko
まいっちんぐマチコ先生 ja
Miss Machiko en
* Based on the manga by Ebihara Takeshi. The series revolves around Miss Machiko, a new elementary school teacher who wears a revealing red mini-skirt and regularly finds herself in accidental sexual situations. Machiko is very popular with her students, especially the boys, who take delight in lifting up her skirts and devising traps to catch her in various stages of undress. Rather than get angry, Machiko responds by laughing it off and uttering her trademark phrase, Maicchingu! (roughly meaning "Embarrassing!"). Machiko is generally a very kind and patient woman who cares about her students and does her best to help them with their problems. Source: Wikipedia

Kodomo No Jikan (2007)

  • TV Series, 2007, 12 eps,

A Child`s Time
Knj, Kojikan
детское время
дитячий час
こどものじかん ja

Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku O: Youkoso Tsugumi Ryou E

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 04.04.2007 till 27.06.2007

Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo
Melody Of The Sun And Sea
この青空に約束を- ~ようこそつぐみ寮へ~ ja
Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo en
A little south of the mainland, there is an isolated island covered by gentle slopes. Climbing up the stone steps leading up from the base of the island, one can see the town and the sea from the summit. On that hill, there is a school that Hoshino Wataru attends. On another hill nearby stands the old school building that was refurbished into a dormitory. However, the company whose factory made up a large portion of the island's industry decides to shut down its operations. As a direct result, the number of students is decreasing. The lack of attending students only leaves Wataru and a few girls, mischievously called his harem, living at the dorm. Together with a new student transferring in during this unlikely time, they try to enjoy carefree days, before they inevitably have to part ways. Source: AnimeNfo

Asa Made Jugyou Chu!

  • OVA, 2012,

See Me After Class
мы учимся разврату!
с утра и до заката
朝まで授業 Chu! ja