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  • TV Series, 1999, 16 eps,

Colorful ja
Colorful en

Aki Sora

  • OVA, 2009,

Autumn Sky
あきそら ja

Project A-ko 2: Daitokuji Zaibatsu No Inbou

  • OVA
  • 17.05.1987

Project A-ko 2: Plot Of The Daitokuji Financial Group
Project A-ko 2 大徳寺財閥の陰謀 ja
B-ko's father Daitokuji Hikaru, a billionaire industrialist has big plans this time around. B-ko's obsession with C-ko finds another outlet, as she uses her genius intellect to help the Alpha Cygnans repair their spaceship, since C-ko has developed a soft spot for the stranded Napolipolita and D. The Alpha Cygnans have turned their ship into a posh 30,000 room hotel, but long only to return home. It is summertime, so a visit to a swimming pool is a good opportunity to cool off. The heroines are also being stalked by a steadily-growing number of mysterious men in white suits, who all attempt to appear inconspicuous by nonchalantly reading newspapers. Later, they reveal themselves as spies, their mission being the capture of the Cygnan super-technology. The climax involves the military forces — being manipulated by Daitokuji Hikaru — attacking the Alpha Cygnan ship with a giant experimental mecha named the Queen Margarita (whose blueprints he confiscated from B-ko) in a greedy attempt at seizing their alien technology. This results in one truly classic moment, in which B-ko's father flies into the fray wearing one of his daughter's revealing Akagiyama battle suits and attempts to catch the Ship — which is plummeting back to Earth — and ends up blowing out his back. Source: Wikipedia

Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody

  • OVA, 1988, 1 ep,

プロジェクトa子3 シンデレラ・ラプソディ
Project A-ko 3 シンデレラ・ラプソディ ja

Weiss Survive R

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 05.12.2009 till 27.03.2010

Weiß Survive R
ヴァイス・サヴァイヴ R ja
* Based on the card game series Weiß Schwarz by Bushiroad and illustrated by Fujima Takuya. Back in the real world teen boy Takeshi and girl Michi encounter the busty new girl Shizuru, that Takeshi seems to remember from his dreams. She has a huge crush on Michi, and when card players in Akihabara get assaulted for their cards, the plot starts to thicken, making Takeshi wonder who Shizuru really is. — written by foo2

Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

  • TV Series, 2008, 12 eps,

Igg, Ikki3
Ikkitousen 3
一騎当千 Great Guardians ja
Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians en
Ikki Tousen - Great Guardians de

Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart

  • OVA, 5 episodes
  • 29.10.2008 till 25.02.2009

Platonic Heart
Zettai Shogeki ~platonic Heart~
Zettai Shougeki ~platonic Heart~
絶対衝激 ~platonic Heart~ ja
Master Of Martial Hearts en
* Conceived as a multimedia mix project with ten companies producing ten different works, including a pachinko slot, a PC game, a manga, an anime OVA and more, employing original character designs by Happoubi Jin. High school junior Iseshima Aya's carefree live takes a bone-crushingly violent turn when she wanders into the midst of a sadistic, girl-on-girl martial arts tournament. Her freshly pressed school uniform does not stand a chance of surviving this pugilistic peep show, but Aya's out to prove that she can take a pounding just as well as the other knock-outs in this clandestine competition. If she manages to survive a series of fabric-shredding fights with titillating teachers, sultry stewardesses, and mesmerising maidens of the moe variety, Aya's every wish will be granted by a mysterious jewel known as the Platonic Heart. But if she goes down for the count, she will join the growing ranks of brutally bruised yet resiliently buxom beauties that are never heard from again!


  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 04.10.2011 till 25.12.2011

ベン・トー ja
Ben-to en
* Based on a light novel series by Asaura, with illustrations by Shibano Kaito. One day a poor freshman high school student named Satou You discovers a bento (boxed meal) on sale at half price at the local supermarket. Reaching thoughtlessly to grab the new-found treasure, he ends up unconscious on the floor of the store a moment later. He soon finds out that getting a half-priced bento means taking part in a fierce, no-holds-barred supermarket survival battle. Despite being warned to stay out of it, he continues struggling to hold his ground until the Ice Witch, Yarizui Sen — a second-year student and current president of the Half-priced Food Lovers club, invites him to join her club because she sees his remarkable strength. Finally You is able to compete with the other fighters, including his half-cousin Shaga Ayame. Note: The first episode received a pre-airing limited to 2000 viewers on NicoNico Douga on October 4, 2011. Regular television broadcast started on October 9, 2011.

D.c.iii: Da Capo Iii

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 05.01.2013 till 30.03.2013

D.c 다 카포 3
Da Capo 3
D.c.iii ~ダ・カーポiii~ ja
"Hatsunejima. On this island that is perpetually in spring, stands a lone, towering cherry tree. It is a mysterious cherry tree that grants any wish no matter what it may be. The witherless cherry blossom tree. That is what this tree, an icon of Hatsunejima, has always been called." — from intro Yoshino Kiyotaka dreams of a girl standing next to a cherry tree, calling his name, but is awoken by Katsuragi Himeno in the Official Newspaper Club, surrounded by the other club members Morizono Rikka, Yoshino Charles, Rukawa Sara, and Hinomoto Aoi. The current topic of discussion: How to beat the more successful Unofficial Newspaper Club. Desperately trying to find a topic of note, the club visits the seemingly dead witherless cherry blossom tree, and wish for something. Should any one of those wishes come true, these would be a great topic for their next newspaper edition. As they cast their wishes, the cherry blossoms suddenly bloom again after over 20 years, and everyone standing under the magnificent tree receives the very same mysterious text message, that was sent over a hundred years ago: "When the cherry blossoms bloom, at that promised place..." And so this magical moment becomes the main theme for the club's next newspaper issue... and the club members try to unravel this mystery. — written by foo2

School Days

  • TV Series, 2007, 12 eps,

Dias De Escola
Dias Escolares
Okul Günleri
Szkolne Dni
Zilele şcolii
училищни дни
шкільні дні
школьные дни
أيام المدرسة
スクールデイズ ja
School Days en
School Days fr

Kyoukasho Ni Nai!

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 21.04.1998 till 21.05.1998

Not In The Textbook!
совершенно частный урок!
教科書にないッ! ja
Very Private Lesson en
* Based on Okada Kazuto's manga by the same name. Tairaku is a lucky man. He has a comfortable job teaching at a local high school. He has Satsuki, a fellow teacher whom he hopes to marry someday. He has Aya, a beautiful student who has fallen in love with him. He has Aya's father, a wealthy man who wants so much for his little girl to be happy that he has sent her to live with Tairaku. Tairaku is a very lucky man. Of course Aya loves nothing more than to come on to Tairaku by lounging around his apartment half naked. Unfortunately for Tairaku, Aya's father happens to be wealthy because he is a major crime boss, and he will have Tairaku slowly murdered, if Aya does not remain absolutely pure. Now Tairaku must not only restrain himself, but also protect Aya from the hordes of men and woman at school who would love to get their hands on her body. And of course, if Satsuki or any of the other teachers find out that Tairaku is living with one of his students, he will be permanently dismissed from the teaching profession! Oh yes, Tairaku is lucky...

Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gotaman: Gotaman Tanjou Hen

  • OVA, 1994, 1 ep,

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman
Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gootaman: Gootaman Tanjou Hen
臀撃おしおき娘ゴータマン~ゴータマン誕生篇 ja
Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gotaman en
Gota-man de

Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gotaman R: Ai To Kanashimi No Final Battle!!

  • OVA
  • 24.10.1994

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R
Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gootaman R: Ai To Kanashimi No Final Battle!!
臀撃おしおき娘ゴータマンr(リターン)~愛と哀しみのファイナルバトル!! ja
Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R: The Final Battle Between Love & Tragedy! en
On her final confrontations with the Black Buddha Gang, Mari Amachi is unable to conceal her secret identity from the few important individuals in her life. Her career as heroine who fights for the freedom of religion is in serious jeopardy... Source: ANN

Yosuga No Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone.

  • TV Series, 2010, 12 eps,

In Solitude
Where We Are Least Alone
Yns, Yosuga, Yosuga No Sora, Yosusora
связанные небом
ヨスガノソラ In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone. ja
In Solitude Where We Are Least Alone en
緣之空 zh-hant
缘之空 zh-hans

11 Eyes

  • TV Series, 2009, 12 eps,

11 Akių
11 глаз
11 چشم
11eyes -罪與罰與贖的少女-
11eyes: Tsumi To Batsu To Aganai No Shoujo
أحد عشر عيناً
11eyes ja
11 Eyes en

Tanin No Kankei

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 26.08.1994 till 21.10.1994

Human Relations
他人の関係 ja
Homeroom Affairs en
Ehara Tokirou, an idealistic geeky professor, begins teaching at an exclusive high school for girls, with hopes of meeting young innocent minds in their most fragile state. Unfortunately, on his way to work, he meets 18-year-old Miyako and finds out that she is one wild student that needs to be taught how a prim and proper teenager should behave. He starts to believe that he is just the right person to teach her. Miyako, however, has other plans, and she's not above using her seductive wiles to lure him into submission.

[email protected]

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 11.01.2013 till 29.03.2013

Ganbaranai, Sasami-san
Sasami-san Ganbaranai
[email protected]
ささみさん@がんばらない ja
[email protected] en
사사미양 노력하지 않아 ko
* Based on a light novel series by Akira, with illustrations by Hidari. "The Sasami Report In this country, gods reside within everything. There are said to be a countless number of gods. They exist not only in pebbles rolling the streets, but in buildings and other works of man, in animals and grass, and even in physical phenomena, such as weather. Gods dwell in all things known to man and control them. Among these gods, there is a hierarchy. A god of higher rank has control over gods of lower ranks and may make them change their forms as he sees fit. This is known as Transformation. The supreme god at the top of this hierarchy, who rules over all other gods, is Amaterasu. All gods change their forms as Amaterasu wishes through Transformations, shaping the world exactly as the supreme god wants it. And that was the great power I inherited, I maintained, and I held control of. However... At this point in time, the power of Amaterasu belongs to my brother, of all people. One could say he is currently the supreme god. That is why, when he wishes for something, the many other gods seeking his favor, often undergo Transformations. The Valentine's Day disaster the other day was one such instance. To serve his desires, those gods changed my body into chocolate and urged him to consume it. Fortunately, the Yagami sisters — Tsurugi, Kagami, and Tama — stepped in and suppressed the Transformations. I am not clear on exactly what they are, but what is clear is that they can wield divine powers of high-ranking gods. It appears that I will need to keep them under surveillance along with my brother. That is all." — Tsukuyomi Sasami A hikikomori (a recluse) named Sasami is unmotivated about even changing clothes or eating. Her brother, Kamiomi takes care of her, even though she despises his submissive, slave-like nature. Sasami spends her days viewing the outside world via a Brother Surveillance Tool on her computer. In the outside world, the three beautiful Yagami sisters — Kagami, Tama, and Tsurugi — and Sasami's brother are in the middle of relationships worthy of note though... Source: ANN

Maicching Machiko-sensei

  • TV Series, 95 episodes
  • 08.10.1981 till 21.07.1983

Maicchingu Machiko-sensei
Maitchingu Machiko-sensei
Shame Of Teacher Machiko
まいっちんぐマチコ先生 ja
Miss Machiko en
* Based on the manga by Ebihara Takeshi. The series revolves around Miss Machiko, a new elementary school teacher who wears a revealing red mini-skirt and regularly finds herself in accidental sexual situations. Machiko is very popular with her students, especially the boys, who take delight in lifting up her skirts and devising traps to catch her in various stages of undress. Rather than get angry, Machiko responds by laughing it off and uttering her trademark phrase, Maicchingu! (roughly meaning "Embarrassing!"). Machiko is generally a very kind and patient woman who cares about her students and does her best to help them with their problems. Source: Wikipedia

Seikoku No Dragonar

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 05.04.2014 till 21.06.2014

星刻の竜騎士[ドラグナー] ja
Dragonar Academy en
Learning to ride and tame dragons comes easy to most students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy — except for first-year student Ash Blake, who is known by his fellow classmates as the "number one problem child". Poor Ash is the laughing stock at school because, despite his unfashionably large star-shaped brand that marks him as a future dragon master, he has nothing to show for it. His dragon has never appeared. Until now, that is. One fateful day, Ash's dragon awakes in full glory, but appears different than any dragon ever seen before — in the form of a beautiful girl! What is worse, Ash soon discovers that this new dragon has attitude to spare, as she promptly informs him that she is the master, and he, the servant. Ash's problems with dragon riding have only just begun. Source: ANN

To Heart 2 Ad

  • OVA, 2008, 2 eps,

トゥハート2 Ad
Toheart2ad ja