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Ookami To Koushinryou

  • TV Series, 2008, 12 eps,

Aktar Ve Kurt
Kurt Ve Baharat
S&w, Sw, Saw, Otk
Spicy Wolf
Vilkė Ir Prieskoniai
Wilk I Przyprawa
Wolf And Spice
вовчиця і спеції
вовчиця та спеції
תבלין וזאב
狼と香辛料 ja
Spice And Wolf en
волчица и пряности ru

Aa! Megami-sama!

  • OVA, 1993-1994, 5 eps,

Ah! My Goddess
Amg, Ams, Omg, Aams, Ams Ova, Omg Ova
Oh! My Goddess
ах! богиньо моя!
ああっ女神さまっ ja
Oh My Goddess! en
Ah! My Goddess - Oav fr
Oh! My Goddess - Ova de
Oh, Mia Dea! it
¡oh, Mi Diosa! es
Ach! Má Bohyně cs
моя богиня! ru
Ah! Minha Deusa pt-br
เทพธิดาอลเวง th

Gekijouban Aa! Megami-sama!

  • Movie, 2000, 1 ep,

Ah My Goddess! The Movie
Amg - The Movie, Amg Movie, Omg Movie, Omg The Movie, Ams Movie, Amsm
Oh My Goddess! The Movie
ах! богиньо моя! филмът
моя богиня! (фильм)
我的女神 剧场版
劇場版 ああっ女神さまっ ja
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie en
Ah! My Goddess - Le Film fr
Oh! My Goddess - Der Film de

Aa! Megami-sama! Chicchaitte Koto Wa Benri Da Ne!

  • TV Series, 1998-1999, 48 eps,

Ah! My Goddess: Being Small Is Convenient
Ams: Chikobene, Mini Goddess
моя богиня! приключения мини-богинь
오! 나의 여신님 ~작다는 것은 편리해~
ああっ女神さまっ 小っちゃいって事は便利だねっ ja
The Adventures Of Mini-goddess en
Ah! My Mini Goddess fr
Mini-göttinnen de

Aa! Megami-sama! (2005)

  • TV Series, 2005, 24 eps,

Amg Tv, Omg Tv, Amgtv, Amgtv1, Ams Tv, Amstv
ах! богиньо моя! (2005)
ああっ女神さまっ (2005) ja
Ah! My Goddess Tv en
Ah! My Goddess fr
Oh! My Goddess "die Serie" de
Oh! My Goddess pl
Ah! Minha Deusa (2005) pt
我的女神 zh

Aa! Megami-sama! (2011)

  • OVA, 3 episodes
  • 23.02.2011 till 23.08.2013

Ah! My Goddess! (2011)
Ah! My Goddess! (2011) Ova
ああっ女神さまっ (2011) ja
Keiichi finds out that the amusement park he once went to with Belldandy is about to close down. He then asks Belldandy to go there with him, to the place significant within their memories. It is a rare chance for the two to be alone together, and Belldandy is extremely pleased. However, Belldandy's expanding powers are causing the Goddess' existence to disappear from Earth. While the unsuspecting Belldandy and nervous Keiichi are enjoying themselves, Urd and Skuld are developing a counter-plan. ~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston Note: Bundled with 42nd, 43rd and 46th volumes of Aa! Megami-sama manga.

Aa! Megami-sama! Sorezore No Tsubasa

  • TV Series, 2006, 22 eps,

Ah! My Goddess
Ah! My Goddess Everyone`s Wings
Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings
Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore No Tsubasa
Ah! Zeiţa Mea: Oricine Are Aripi
Ah!! My Goddess: Sorezore No Hane
Amg Tv 2, Amg S2, Amg2, Amgtv2, Ams Tv 2, Ams Tv2, Ams2, Amstv2
Flights Of Fancy
ах! богиньо моя! всеки има крила
ах! моя богиня: у каждого есть крылья
моя богиня! (сезон второй)
ああっ女神さまっ 第二期
我的女神: 缤纷之翼
ああっ女神さまっ それぞれの翼 ja
Ah! My Goddess: Flights Of Fancy en
Ah! My Goddess Tv - Saison 2 fr

Aa! Megami-sama! Tatakau Tsubasa

  • TV Special, 2007, 2 eps,

Aa! Nữ Thần Của Tôi: đôi Cánh Chiến đấu
Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings
Ah! My Goddess: Tatakau Tsubasa
我的女神 战斗之翼
ああっ女神さまっ 闘う翼 ja
Ah! My Goddess, Fighting Wings fr

Lodoss-tou Senki

  • OVA, 1990-1991, 13 eps,

Crônicas Da Guerra De Lodoss
Crónicas De La Guerra De Lodoss
Les Chroniques De La Guerre De Lodoss
Lodoss Ova
Lodoss, Rolw, Rolw Ova
ロードス島戦記 ja
Record Of Lodoss War en
Chroniques De La Guerre De Lodoss fr
Record Of Lodoss War de
Cronache Della Guerra Di Lodoss it
Kronika Wojny Na Lodoss pl
ο πόλεμος του Lodoss el

Kamichama Karin

  • TV Series, 26 episodes
  • 06.04.2007 till 28.09.2007

Chibi Goddess Karin
Kami-chama Karin
маленькая богиня карин
かみちゃまかりん ja
* Based on the shoujo manga by Koge Donbo serialised in Nakayoshi. Kamichama Karin is about a 7th grader named Hanazono Karin. Her parents and beloved cat, Shi-chan recently died, she's getting horrible grades and is forced to live with her aunt. One day, Karin meets a young, orphaned, 7th grade boy named Kujyou Kazune, and discovers that her mother's ring has the power to transform her into a goddess. She soon moves in with Kazune and his cousin Himeka. She and Kazune, who has godlike powers of his own, have to fight to protect Karin's ring and Himeka from the evil intentions of Karasuma Kirio (whom Karin calls Mr. Glasses Man), who is also divine. The trio embark on crazy adventures and go on trips along the way. They also meet new friends and people, such as Micchi, who may know a lot of information not only about the divine transformation of the gods and goddesses, but also about Kazune-kun's long lost father...


  • TV Series, 2005, 12 eps,

Kami-chu! ~kamisama Wa Chuugakusei~
Kami-sama Wa Chuugakusei
Teenage Goddess
The Goddess Is A Middle School Student
камічю! ~богиня з середньої школи~
かみちゅ! ja
Kamichu! en
Kamichu cs
Kamichu - Zeiţa şcolăriţă ro
Kamichu - Az Iskolás Istennő hu

Asagiri No Miko

  • TV Series, 2002, 26 eps,

朝霧の巫女 ja
Shrine Of The Morning Mist en

Ufo Princess Valkyrie

  • TV Series, 2002, 12 eps,

Ufo Princess Walküre
Ufo Princess Walkyure
Ufo Princess Warukyure
円盤皇女ワるきゅーレ ja
Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie en

Ufo Princess Valkyrie: Juunigatsu No Yasoukyoku

  • TV Series, 2003, 12 eps,

Ufo Princess Valkyrie - December`s Nocturne
Ufo Princess Valkyrie ~ December Nocturne
Ufo Princess Valkyrie 2
Ufo Princess Walkure 2
Ufo Princess Walküre 2
Ufo2, Ufopw2
円盤皇女ワるきゅーレ 十二月の夜想曲 ja
Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie 2: December Nocturne en

Ufo Princess Valkyrie: Seireisetsu No Hanayome

  • OVA, 2005, 6 eps,

Ufo Princess Valkyrie 3
Ufo Princess Walkure 3
Ufo Princess Walküre 3
圆盘皇女 星灵节的新娘
円盤皇女ワるきゅーレ 星霊節の花嫁 ja
Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie 3: Bride Of Celestial Souls` Day en

Ufo Princess Valkyrie: Toki To Yume To Ginga No Utage

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 21.07.2006 till 25.10.2006

Ufo Princess Valkyrie 4
Ufo Princess Walkure 4
Ufo Princess Walküre 4
Ufo Princess Walküre: Toki To Yume To Ginga No Utage
Ufo Princess Warukyure: Toki To Yume To Ginga No Utage
Ufo4, Ufopw4
неземная принцесса валькирия 4
円盤皇女ワるきゅーレ 時と夢と銀河の宴 ja
Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie 4: Banquet Of Time, Dreams, And Galaxies en
The strange and magical events have left Kazuto with two Valkyries: he now finds himself living with and looking after both a teenage-princess Valkyrie, as well as the child-princess Valkyrie! And they still have not yet gotten married...

Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy (1996)

  • TV Series, 1996-1997, 26 eps,

Magical Project Pretty Sammy
Mps, Pretty Sammy Tv, Sammy Tv
Tenchi Muyo: Magical Project Pretty Sammy
魔法少女プリティサミー(1996) ja
Magical Project S en

Saint Seiya

  • TV Series, 1986-1989, 114 eps,

áo Giáp Vàng
Knights Of The Zodiac
Knights Of The Zodiac - Saint Seiya
Mistyczny Wojownik Seiya
Saint Seiya
Zodiac Knights
聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ) ja
Saint Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac en
Les Chevaliers Du Zodiaque fr
I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco it
Rycerze Zodiaku pl
Os Cavaleiros Do Zodíaco pt-br
Cavaleiros Do Zodíaco pt
เซนต์เซย์ย่า th
Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco es-la

Saint Seiya: Meiou Hades Juuni Kyuu Hen

  • OVA, 2003, 13 eps,

Saint Seiya Hades
Saint Seiya: The Hades Sanctuary Chapter
圣斗士星矢 冥王十二宫篇
聖闘士星矢 冥王ハーデス十二宮編 ja
Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary en
Les Chevaliers Du Zodiaque - Chapitre Hadès - Le Sanctuaire fr
Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary it
Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco - Saga De Hades - Santuario es
Os Cavaleiros Do Zodíaco - Hades: A Saga Do Santuário pt-br

Saint Seiya: Meiou Hades Meikai Hen

  • OVA, 2005-2007, 12 eps,

Los Caballeros Del Zodiaco - Saga De Hades - Infierno
圣斗士星矢 冥王哈迪斯冥界篇
圣斗士星矢 冥界篇
聖闘士星矢 冥王ハーデス冥界編 ja
Saint Seiya: The Hades - Chapter Inferno en
Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter - Inferno it
Os Cavaleiros Do Zodíaco - Hades: A Saga Do Inferno pt-br