Tag Dark fantasy

Black Rock Shooter

  • OVA, 2010, 1 ep,

B★rs, Brs
Black★rock Shooter
Juodoji Roko šaulė
стрелок с чёрной скалы
стрілець з чорної скелі
чорний кам`яний стрілець
ブラック★ロックシューター ja

Tenshi No Tamago

  • OVA, 1985,

El Huevo Del ángel
In The Aftermath
天使のたまご ja
Angel`s Egg en
L`œuf De L`ange fr
After Rabbit de

Night Walker: Mayonaka No Tantei

  • TV Series, 1998, 12 eps,

Night Walker -真夜中の探偵- ja
Nightwalker en
Night Walker - Midnight Detective fr

Makai Toshi Shinjuku

  • OVA, 1988,

Hell City Shinjuku
Monster City
синдзюку - город-ад
魔界都市 (新宿) ja
Demon City Shinjuku en
Demon City Shinjuku fr
Demon City Shinjuku de

Silent Mobius: The Motion Picture

  • Movie, 1991, 1 ep,

Silent Mobius Movie
Silent Möbius: The Motion Picture
Silent Moebius: The Motion Picture
サイレントメビウス The Motion Picture ja

Silent Mobius 2

  • Movie
  • 18.07.1992

Silent Mobius Movie 2
Silent Möbius Movie 2
Silent Moebius Movie 2
サイレントメビウス2 ja
There is only one thing Katsumi Liqueur has on her mind — to leave this dreadful town as soon as possible, this place where she does not know anyone and has no friends. But she soon faces serious obstacles as the Attacked Mystification Police (AMP) insists on recruiting her for their organization. Wandering aimlessly through the streets of Tokyo, she crosses paths with Saiko Yuki whose fate appears to be intertwined with hers. The mysterious past of both women seems to be linked to Tokyo Bay Bridge... a bridge Katsumi has seen in her dreams. Note: This sequel continues the time line of the flashback section of the first movie (Katsumi's initial contact with the AMP), using some more ideas and characters from the manga, and being slightly less incompatible to the Silent Mobius TV series from 1998. Source: anime.mikomi.org


  • TV Series, 2003-2004, 26 eps,

Ggm, Gilxx, Glgm
ギルガメッシュ ja
Gilgamesh: Whose Side Are You On? en
Gilgamesh - De Quel Côté êtes-vous ? fr
Gilgamesh - Welcher Seite Schliesst Du Dich An? de
Gilgamesh - De Cual Lado Tu Estas? es
Gilgamesh pl
гильгамеш ru


  • TV Series, 2010, 22 eps,

Corpse Demon
Corpse Demons
трупный демон
屍鬼 ja
Shiki en
Shi Ki fr

Ningyo No Kizu

  • OVA
  • 24.09.1993

Mermaid`s Scar
Rumic World 5
шрам русалки
人魚の傷 ja
Mermaid`s Scar en
La Cicatrice De La Sirène fr
Legend has it that when you eat the flesh of a mermaid, you would live forever. Yuuta and Mana are living proof of this.. Together, they journey to various places trying to find meaning for their existence, or perhaps even a "cure" for their situation. One day, they meet Masato, a little boy who seems terrified of his mother Misa. It seems to Yuuta and Mana that mother and son have a very unusual relationship. What happens when Yuuta and Mana decide to discover the dark secret Masato and Misa are hiding? And what about those monster-like creatures that have been appearing?

Garo: Honoo No Kokuin

  • TV Series, 2014-2015, 24 eps,

Garo: The Animation
牙狼[garo]-炎の刻印- ja
Garo The Animation en

Legend Of Lemnear: Kyokuguro No Tsubasa Valkisas

  • OVA, 1989,

Legend Of Lemnear - Valkysas
Legend Of Lemnear: Jet Black Wings Of Valkisas
Legend Of Lemnear: Skrzydła Ostatecznego Mroku
Lemneros Legenda
The Wings Of Ultimate Darkness
Valkisas, Lemnear, Lol
легенда за лемнеар: тъмните крила на валкириите
легенда о лемнеар
Legend Of Lemnear 極黒の翼 バルキサス ja
Legend Of Lemnear en
La Légende De Lemnear fr
O θρύλος της Lemnear el
Legend Of Lemnear - A Lenda De Lemnear pt

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen On Television

  • TV Series, 2009, 26 eps,

Mazinger Edition Z - The Impact
Shin Mazinger
True Mazinger
True Mazinger Impact! Z Chapter
True Mazinger Impact! Z Chapter On Television
مازنجر الحقيقي
真マジンガー 衝撃! Z編 On Television ja
Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! en
Mazinger Z: Edición Impacto! es

Soul Eater

  • TV Series, 2008-2009, 51 eps,

Se, Setv
Sielų Rijikas
гълтач на души
пожиратель душ
אוכל הנשמות
ソウルイーター リピートショー
ソウルイーター ja
Soul Eater en
Soul Eater it
Bohové Smrti cs
Pożeracz Dusz pl
Soul Eater - Secera Mortii ro
събирачи на души bg
Soul Eater - Lélekfalók hu
Soul Eater pt
пожиратель душ uk
Pemakan Jiwa id


  • TV Series, 2006-2008, 103 eps,

D.g, Dgm
O Homen Cinza
دي. جراي مان
D.gray-man ja
D.gray-man en
D.gray-man fr
D.gray-man cs
D.gray-man pl
디그레이맨 ko
ди грей мен bg
驅魔少年 zh-hant
ดีเกรย์แมน th


  • TV Series, 2011, 13 eps,

F/z, Fz, Fz1, фатум 2011
Fate Zero
нулева съдба
سرنوشت / صفر
قسمت / صفر
Fate/zero ja
Fate/zero en
Fate/zero de
فیت / زیرو fa

Fate/zero (2012)

  • TV Series, 2012, 12 eps,

(قسمت / صفر (2012
F/z 2, Fz 2012, Fz2, фатум 2012
Fate Zero S2
Fate/zero 2ndシーズン
Fate/zero Ii
Fate/zero: 2nd Season
Fate/zero: Second Season
доля/початок Ii
съдба/началото 2
фатум/початок Ii
フェイト/ゼロ 2ndシーズン
Fate/zero (2012) ja
Fate/zero (2012) en

M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane

  • TV Series, 24 episodes
  • 22.04.2014 till 30.09.2014

M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane
M3 ~ソノ黒キ鋼~ ja
M3 The Dark Metal fr
M3~黑色钢铁~ zh-hans
ام 3: فلز تیره fa
There is distorted, deep blackness everywhere. That place, in which blackness swallowed everything and took away everything, has become known as the Avidya Zone. Strange beings assume the very form of the despair and chaos of humanity. They are known by this name: Imashime. An expedition surveys the Avidya Zone which consumes human spirits. So, in the intricate intersection between the present in impending crisis and the destiny of the past... can eight boys and girls, assembled to confront the Imashime, find the bright future that lies before the Avidya Zone? Source: ANN

Cossette No Shouzou

  • OVA, 2004, 3 eps,

Cns, Lppc, Lpdpc, Cossette
Le Portrait De Petit Cossette
портрет крихітки козети
портретът на малката козет
コゼットの肖像 ja
Le Portrait De Petite Cossette en
Le Portrait De Petite Cosette fr
Das Bildnis Der Petit Cossette de
Portret Małej Cossette pl
портрет малышки козетты ru

Tokyo Ghoul

  • TV Series, 2014, 12 eps,

токийски гул
токийский гуль
токийско чудовище
آزارگر توکیو
東京喰種[トーキョーグール] ja
Tokyo Ghoul en
Tokyo Ghoul fr
东京喰种 zh-hans
غول توکیو fa

Iron Virgin Jun

  • OVA
  • 21.07.1992

Tetsu No Otome Jun
鉄の処女 [アイアンバージン] Jun ja
Iron Virgin Jun en
In the Asuka family, nothing is more important than family tradition. For their lovely young daughter Jun, it means she must get married on her 18th birthday. Although poor little virgin Jun is not above kickin' butt, she just can't stand the thought of marrying someone she doesn't love. Her mother sends out a gang of bloodthirsty goons to drag her to the altar, but Jun would rather beat a hundred suitors into one big bloody mess than get married on her mother's terms, and she's about to prove it.