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El Cazador De La Bruja

  • TV Series, 2007, 26 eps,

El Cazador
łowca Czarownicy
O Caçador Da Bruxa
The Hunter Of The Witch
The Witch-hunter
эль касадор
エル・カザド El Cazador De La Bruja ja
El Cazador De La Bruja en
El Cazador De La Bruja de

Dirty Pair

  • TV Series, 1985, 24 eps,

Dan Et Dany
Dirty Pair Tv
ダーティペア ja
Dirty Pair en
Dan Et Danny fr

Cowboy Bebop

  • TV Series, 1998-1999, 26 eps,

Bebop, Bebop Tv, Cb, Cowbe
Cowboy Bebop
Kaubojus Bebopas
Kaubojus Bibopas
Kovboy Bebop
ковбой бибоп тв
ковбой бібоп тб
راعي البقر بيبوب
کابوی بیباپ
カウボーイビバップ ja
Cowboy Bebop en
Cowboy Bebop es
Kovboj Bebop cs
카우보이 비밥 ko
марсиански каубой bg
קאובוי ביבופ he
星際牛仔 zh-hant
Csillagközi Fejvadászok hu
Cowboy Bebop pt-br
星际牛仔 zh

Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku No Tobira

  • Movie, 2001,

Cb Movie
Cb Movie, Bebop Movie, бібоп фільм
Cowboy Bebop - The Movie
Cowboy Bebop: La Película
Cowboy Bebop: Llamando A Las Puertas Del Cielo
Kovboy Bebop: Film
Kowboj Bebop
Kowboj Bebop The Movie
Kowboj Bebop: Pukając Do Nieba Bram
Kowboj Bepop
ковбой бибоп: достучаться до небес
ковбой бібоп: фільм
марсиански каубой: врата към рая
カウボーイビバップ天国の扉 ja
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin` On Heaven`s Door en
Cowboy Bebop - Le Film fr
Cowboy Bebop - Der Film de
Cowboy Bebop - Il Film it
Cowboy Bebop - The Movie sv
Kovboj Bebop: Lovec Odměn cs
Cowboy Bebop: Pukając Do Nieba Bram pl
카우보이 비밥 - 천국의 문 ko
Kaubojus Bibopas: Filmas lt
Cowboy Bebop - Palkkionmetsästäjät fi
Kauboipeitus et
ковбой бибоп ru
קאובוי ביבופ: הסרט he
星際牛仔: 天國之門 zh-hant
Cowboy Bebop - A Film hu
Cowboy Bebop - O Filme pt-br
Cowboy Bebop: La Película es-la

Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

  • TV Series, 1998, 24 eps,

Future Hero Next Generation Outlaw Star
Ols, Os
Starward Warrior Knight Outlaw Star
звёздные рыцари со звезды изгоев
星方武侠アウトロースター ja
Outlaw Star en
Outlaw Star fr
Outlaw Star pt

Gun Smith Cats

  • OVA, 1995-1996, 3 eps,

Gsc, Gc
Gun Smith Cats ja
Gunsmith Cats en
Gunsmith Cats fr
Gun Smith Cats de

Vampire Hunter D (2001)

  • Movie, 2001,

Bloodlust, Vhd2
Vampir Avcısı D: Kanşehveti
Vampire Hunter D: жажда за кръв
Vampire Hunter: Cazador De Espíritus
Vampyrų Medžiotojas D: Kraujo Troškimas
バンパイアハンターd ja
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust en
Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust de
Vampire Hunter D: żądza Krwi pl
뱀파이어 헌터 D ko
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust fi
Vampiirikütt D: Verejanu et
D: жажда крови ru
D, A Vámpírvadász: Vérszomj hu
Vampire Hunter D da

Hyper Police

  • TV Series, 25 episodes
  • 04.04.1997 till 26.09.1997

Hp, Hyperpolice
はいぱーぽりす ja
"It is the 22nd year of the new Holy Era. With the fall of the previous age brought about by human folly, lawlessness runs rampant and disorder rules the world. But here in Shinjuku, the City of the Beasts, any creature who would harm another must contend with us, one and all. Our wild blood runs hot tonight! Hyper Police to the rescue!" — from intro In these post-apocalyptic times beast creatures from lore have reappeared and now try to interact with normal humans. The police force has grudgingly accepted help from privatized bounty hunters, and various police businesses fight over the rewards for capturing wanted criminals. Few humans like the beast creatures, and they rarely interact. The Police Company is one such private business, where the 17-year-old half-human / half-nekomata Sasahara Natsuki, and her tough werewolf partner Batanen try to make ends meet on a daily basis. Their boss prides himself in employing many beast creatures as officers in his force, such as Sakura, a 191-year-old fox spirit, and another werewolf named Tommy. Needless to say, the other police forces do not like the extra competition. This is especially true for the MAD Police — the regular police in Shinjuku — comprised entirely of humans.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

  • Movie
  • 24.04.2010

Trigun Movie
트라이건: 배드랜즈 럼블
Trigun Badlands Rumble ja
Trigun: Badlands Rumble en
Trigun - Badlands Rumble it
Trigun: Rachot V Badlands cs
* Based on a seinen manga by Naitou Yasuhiro, serialised in YK Comics. In Macca, a town surrounded by quicksand: with rumours spreading that the legendary robber Gasback has his sights set on the town, mayor Kepler has brought together bounty hunters to protect the town. These bounty hunters have been following Gasback from town to town in hopes of bagging the prize. Meryl and Milly have come to town to assess the situation as insurance agents, but are shocked by this turn of events. Moreover, Vash the Stampede is also in town, along with the female bounty hunter Amelia and Nicholas D. Wolfwood.


  • TV Series, 2004-2005, 24 eps,

砂ぼうず ja
Desert Punk en
Desert Punk fr
пустынная крыса ru
Desert Punk pt-br

Black Cat

  • TV Series, 23 episodes
  • 07.10.2005 till 31.03.2006

Gato Negro
Gato Preto
Kara Kedi
Pisica Neagră
Zwarte Kat
черна котка
чёрный кот
ブラックキャット ja
Black Cat en
Black Cat fr
แบล็คแคท th
The world is secretly controlled by a secret organizition, Chronos. Under the command of this mysterious organization are the Chronos Numbers, a group of powerful assasins, taking orders to eliminate certain targets secretly to keep the so-called peace. One of the most powerful is the Number XIII, Train Heartnet, also known as Black Cat. At first he seems to be a cruel killer, however a meeting with a girl Sweeper changed him completely. Now as a Sweeper, Train travels with his partner Sven Vollfield to hunt down criminals. Source: ANN

Iria: Zeiram - The Animation

  • OVA, 1994, 6 eps,

Iria Zeiram The Animation
Iria, Iria Zeriam
イ・リ・ア ゼイラム The Animation ja
Iria: Zerim The Animation en
Iria fr
Iria - Zeiram The Animation it
איריאה he
ليريا ar

Hyper Future Vision: Gunnm

  • OVA, 1993, 2 eps,

Alita, Gunnm
Battle Angel Alita
Kovingasis Angelas Alita
бойният ангел - алита
Hyper Future Vision 銃夢 Gunnm ja
Battle Angel en
Gunnm fr
Battle Angel Alita de
Battle Angel Alita sv
Alita, ángel De Combate es
Alita, àngel De Combat ca

Chivas 1-2-3

  • OVA, 1999, 2 eps,

シーバス 1-2-3 ja
Sorcerer On The Rocks en


  • OVA, 1997-1999, 7 eps,

Aika: New Mission 1-3
Aika: Trial 1-4
агент айка
Aika ja
Agent Aika en
Aika fr
Agent Aika de
Aika it

Hikari To Mizu No Daphne

  • TV Series, 2004, 24 eps,

водное сияние
光と水のダフネ ja
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue en
Daphne pl
дафна: тайна сияющих вод ru

Dirty Pair: Lovely Angels Yori Ai O Komete

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 01.01.1987

Dan Et Dany - épisodes 25 & 26
ダーティペア ラブリーエンジェルより愛をこめて ja
Dirty Pair: With Love From The Lovely Angels en
Dan Et Danny - épisodes 25 & 26 fr
Kei and Yuri — the Lovely Angels or better known as the Dirty Pair — investigate a counterfeiter, who has protected himself with a huge arsenal of electronic defence gadgets and deadly robots. And finally they try to stop a megalomaniac from holding Chief Gooley and Eleanor City hostage. Source: ANN Note: Released direct to video in Japan after the original TV series was cancelled, this OVA actually features the final two episodes of the Dirty Pair TV series.

Solty Rei

  • TV Series, 2005-2006, 24 eps,

ソルティレイ ja
Solty Rei en
Solty Rei fr
Solty Rei pt-br
الصياد ar

Final Fantasy

  • OVA, 4 episodes
  • 21.03.1994 till 21.08.1994

Ff Ova, Ff: Lotc, Lotc: Ff
Final Fantasy Ova
Final Fantasy V: La Leyenda De Los Cristales
Final Fantasy: Legend Of The Crystals
Paskutinė Fantazija
فاينل فانتاسي
ファイナルファンタジー ja
Legend Of The Crystals: Final Fantasy en
On a world named Planet R, two hundred years in the future, three of the four crystals have been stolen. The original heroes of Final Fantasy V are now legends of the past, and a new evil, Deathgyunos, has risen on the Black Moon and must be dealt with. Mid contacts a new hero and heroine: Prettz (Pritz) and Linaly (a descendant of Bartz). They eventually meet the sky pirate Rouge and Commander Valcus, commander of The Iron Wing. Source: Wikipedia Note: Takes place on the same world as Final Fantasy V, but the only recurring character is Mid.

Yuugen Kaisha

  • OVA, 1994-1995, 4 eps,

компания по борьбе с духами
幽幻怪社 ja
Phantom Quest Corp. en
Exorciste S.a. - Yugen Kaisha fr
Phantom Quest Corporation de
Spiriti & Affini S.r.l. (società A Razionalità Limitata) it
Phantom Quest Corp. sv