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Kuroko No Baske (2013)

  • TV Series, 2013-2014, 25 eps,

Knb2, Knb 2
Kuroko No Basket 2
Kuroko No Basuke 2
баскетболът на куроко 2
黑子的篮球 2
黒子のバスケ (2013) ja
Kuroko`s Basketball 2 en

Kuroko No Baske

  • TV Series, 2012, 25 eps,

Kurobas, 黒バス
Kuroko No Basket
Kuroko No Basuke
The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays
баскетбол куроко
баскетболът на куроко
黒子のバスケ ja
Kuroko`s Basketball en
Kuroko No Basket fr
幻影籃球王 zh-hant
影子籃球員 zh

Slam Dunk

  • TV Series, 1993-1996, 101 eps,

Sd, Sd!
Slam Dunk Tv
Slam Dunk!
Slam Dunk ja
Slam Dunk en
Slam Dunk it
Basket tr
τρίποντο el
سلام دانك ar
สแลมดั๊งค์ th
男兒當入樽 zh
Slam Dunk es-la


  • OVA, 2002-2003, 2 eps,

Generation Basket
лихая баскетбольная команда кодзу
I`ll / Crazy Kouzo Basketball Club fr

Slam Dunk (1994)

  • Movie
  • 12.03.1994

Slam Dunk Movie 1
スラムダンク (1994)
Slam Dunk (1994) ja
Although the movie is centered on the practice game between Shohoku and Takezono, the actual story is more concentrated on the process of Sakuragi Hanamichi, the genius who just recently discovered the wonderful sport known as basketball, to truly realize his desire to win and to fully understand the meaning for one to play basketball. In this OVA, Sakuragi faces off with his old love-rival and current game enemy, Oda. Although now Sakuragi is deeply in love with Haruko, the wound left by his 50th dump by Yoko still exists at the bottom of his heart. Bearing his defeat to Oda in the competition to win Yoko's attention, Sakuragi is determined to win in this practice game. He wants to prove to Oda that even though he's still a beginner basketball player, he's genius abilities qualify him to compete with the Shohoku ace. In the end, we see Sakuragi truly realizes how much Oda loves basketball and begins to neglect his hatred and idea of revenge, instead, as Sakuragi starts to concentrate more on basketball, his true superhuman strength begins to show. Note: Screened as a triple feature with Dragon Ball Z: Kiken na Futari! Super Senshi wa Nemurenai and Dr. Slump: Arale-chan Hoyoyo!! Tasuketa Same ni Tsurerarete....

Slam Dunk: Hoero Basketman-damashii! Hanamichi To Rukawa No Atsuki Natsu

  • Movie, 1995, 1 ep,

Slam Dunk Movie 4
Slam Dunk: Hoero Basketman Tamashii! Hanamichi To Rukawa No Atsuki Natsu
スラムダンク 吠えろバスケットマン魂! 花道と流川の熱き夏
Slam Dunk 吠えろバスケットマン魂! 花道と流川の熱き夏 ja

Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai No Kiki! Moero Sakuragi Hanamichi

  • Movie, 1995, 1 ep,

Slam Dunk Movie 3
スラムダンク 湘北最大の危機! 燃えろ桜木花道
Slam Dunk 湘北最大の危機! 燃えろ桜木花道 ja

Slam Dunk: Zenkoku Seiha Da! Sakuragi Hanamichi

  • Movie, 1994, 1 ep,

Slam Dunk Movie 2
スラムダンク 全国制覇だ! 桜木花道
Slam Dunk 全国制覇だ! 桜木花道 ja
National Champions, Sakuragi Hanamichi! en

Buzzer Beater

  • TV Series, 2005, 13 eps,

Buzzer Beater ja

Dear Boys

  • TV Series, 2003, 26 eps,

Db, Debo
ディア・ボーイズ ja
Hoop Days en

Rou Kyuu Bu!

  • TV Series, 2011, 12 eps,

ロウきゅーぶ! ja
Ro-kyu-bu: Fast Break! en
로큐브! ko

Dash Kappei

  • TV Series, 65 episodes
  • 04.10.1981 till 26.12.1982

Dashing Kappei
ダッシュ勝平 ja
Gigi La Trottola it
Chicho Terremoto es
Gigi pl
çiko tr
τζίτζι el
* Based on a sports manga series written and illustrated by Rokuda Noboru and first published in 1980 in Weekly Shounen Sunday. The greatest sportsman in the world is Kappei, a sixteen-year-old high school boy who gets his strength from the sight of a nice pair of knickers.

Buzzer Beater (2007)

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 04.07.2007 till 26.09.2007

забивки (2007)
Buzzer Beater (2007) ja
After being drafted into the Earth Team - a basketball team comprised solely of humans - street-punk-turned-pro Hideyoshi couldn't be more cocky. The team is still up against the Gorons, a physically superior race of aliens who have dominated the game for some time now, but new challenges and problems stand in their way. Hideyoshi is unhappy with the team and the Gorons have new tricks up their sleeves, but can the team rise to victory and bring the championship to Earth? Source: Anime-Planet


  • TV Series, 26 episodes
  • 03.04.2009 till 02.10.2009

バスカッシュ! ja
باسکواش fa
On the planet Earthdash, its inhabitants gaze on its moon and the technologically advanced lunar city of Mooneyes with awe. Dan JD, a boy living in Rollingtown on Earthdash's surface, gets caught up in Bigfoot Basketball — a fast-paced sport played with giant Bigfoot robots.

Kuroko No Baske (2015)

  • TV Series, 2015, 25 eps,

Knb 3
Kuroko No Basket 3
黒子のバスケ (2015) ja
Kuroko`s Basketball 3 en

Rou Kyuu Bu! Ss

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 05.07.2013 till 27.09.2013

Ro-kyu-bu! Ss
ロウきゅーぶ! Ss ja
로큐브! Ss ko
* Based on Aoyama Sagu's sports comedy light novel series Rou Kyuu Bu! Subaru Hasegawa continues to coach Tomoka's elementary school basketball team, when suddenly, the children are faced with new 5th-grader basketball adversaries. Tomoka, Airi, Saki, Hinata, and Maho must band together to grow even more, as players and as people. Source: ANN

Heonggeuri Beseuteu 5

  • Movie
  • 23.12.1995

The Hungry Best 5
헝그리 베스트 5 ko

Tsubasa To Hotaru

  • Other, 2014, 1 ep,

つばさとホタル ja