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  • TV Series, 2002-2003, 39 eps,

ホイッスル! ja
Whistle! fr
Dream Team pt

Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

  • TV Series, 1993-1994, 58 eps,

Alè Alè Alè Oo
Die Champions
Legendary Blue Shoot!
蒼き伝説 シュート! ja
Blue Legend Shoot! en
Die Champions - Anpfiff Für Elf Freunde de
Piłka W Grze pl
şut Ve Gol tr
γκοοολ! el
شوت ar

Inazuma Eleven

  • TV Series, 2008-2011, 127 eps,

Inazuma 11
Los Super Once
イナズマイレブン ja
Inazuma Eleven es
Super Onze pt-br
أبطال الكرة ar

Meitantei Conan: 11-ninme No Striker

  • Movie, 2012, 1 ep,

Detective Conan: Movie 16
Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker
名探偵コナン 11人目のストライカー ja
Detektiv Conan - 16. Film: Der Elfte Stürmer de
Detective Conan: L`undicesimo Attaccante it

Shin Captain Tsubasa

  • OVA, 1989-1990, 13 eps,

New Captain Tsubasa
新・キャプテン翼 ja
Holly E Benji: Sfida Al Mondo it

Captain Tsubasa

  • TV Series, 1983-1986, 128 eps,

Captain Tsubasa - Die Tollen Fußballstars
Ct, Captsuba, キャプ翼
Die Tollen Fußballstars
Kapitan Hawk
Kapitan Tsubasa
Kaptan Bijar El Kahramane
Kaptan Tsubasa
Olive Et Tom
капитан цубаса
キャプテン翼 ja
Flash Kicker en
Olive Et Tom - Champions De Foot fr
Die Tollen Fußball-stars de
Holly E Benji, Due Fuoriclasse it
Campeones: Oliver Y Benji es
Kapitan Jastrząb pl
Küçük Golcü tr
Kuningas Jalkapallo fi
капитан цубаса bg
Tsubasa Kapitány hu
Super Campeões pt-br
كابتن ماجد ar
فوتبالیست ها fa
Campeões: Oliver E Benji - A Caminho Da Glória pt
Super Campeones es-la
Kapten Tsubasa id

Captain Tsubasa J

  • TV Series, 1994-1995, 47 eps,

Captain Hawk J
Captain Tsubasa J - World Youth
فوتبالیستها سری جی
キャプテン翼j ja
Captain Tsubasa J fr
Che Campioni Holly E Benji!!! it
Super Campeones es
Tsubasa Kapitány 2 hu
كابتن ماجد الجزء الثالث ar
فوتبالیست ها جی fa

Captain Tsubasa (2001)

  • TV Series, 2001-2002, 52 eps,

Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa Road To 2002
Kapten Tsubasa (2001)
Road To 2002
Road To World Cup 2002
Super Kickers 2006
فوتبالیست ها جاده ای به رویا
کاپیتان سوباسا 2001
キャプテン翼 (2001) ja
Captain Tsubasa: Road To Dream en
Olive Et Tom - Le Retour fr
Super Kickers 2006 - Captain Tsubasa de
Holly E Benji Forever it
Campeones: Hacia El Mundial es
Kapitán Tsubasa cs
Căpitanul Tsubasa ro
Tsubasa Kapitány (2001) hu
الشبح ar
فوتبالیست ها 2001 fa
Campeões: Oliver E Benji pt

Captain Tsubasa: Asu Ni Mukatte Hashire!

  • Movie, 1986, 1 ep,

Captain Tsubasa - La Coupe Du Monde
Captain Tsubasa : Ashita Ni Mukatte Hashire!
Captain Tsubasa Movie (1986 Spring)
Captain Tsubasa Movie 3
Captain Tsubasa: Run Toward Tomorrow
キャプテン翼 明日に向って走れ! ja
Olive Et Tom - La Coupe Du Monde : La Sélection fr
كاپتان سوباسا : فيلم سوم - سومين رقابتهای ملی fa
Capitão Tsubasa: Tudo Ou Nada pt

Captain Tsubasa: Saikyou No Teki! Holanda Youth

  • Movie
  • 06.11.1994

Captain Tsubasa - Holland Youth
Captain Tsubasa Holland Youth Team
Captain Tsubasa: European Challenge
キャプテン翼 最強の敵! オランダユース ja
We jump right into the exhibition game series between Japan and Holland youth teams. Things are not looking too good for Japan with Hyuuga having an injured leg and Misaki's lack of confidence as the captain. In order to boost team morale and confidence, the management contacts Wakabayashi (living in Germany) and Tsubasa (living in Brazil) to come back to Japan for the final game against Holland. Note: Screened during the Jump Super Anime Tour '94/'95 (ジャンプ・スーパー・アニメツアー'94'/95) starting from November 1994 until May 1995. The VHS version went on sale on 16.12.1995.

Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup

  • Movie, 1986, 1 ep,

Captain Tsubasa - La Coupe Du Monde Ii
Captain Tsubasa Movie (1986 Summer)
Captain Tsubasa Movie 4
キャプテン翼 世界大決戦!! Jr.ワールドカップ ja
Olive Et Tom - La Coupe Du Monde : La Coupe Du Monde Junior fr
Capitão Tsubasa: O Campeonato Mundial De Juniores pt

Goal Fh

  • TV Series, 39 episodes
  • 04.04.1994 till 26.12.1994

Jednostka Marzeń
كابتن ثابت
ゴールfh ja
Goal Field Hunter en
Jedenastka Marzeń pl
The story about Hikaru Tatsumura who came from brazil to fulfil his dream to be great soccer player because he met a great player once who was admire by all people, so he decide to play soccer to be great just like him however Tatsumura is very cheerful person and easy going but when it comes about games he become serious and strong he have a unique performance such as make funny dance after he have goal with his buddy , so the story goes on and Tatsumura will face a lots of challenges with his team aiming for success .

Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (1994)

  • Movie
  • 04.12.1994

蒼き伝説 シュート! (1994) ja
Blue Legend Shoot! (1994) en
Frankfurt Youth team (Kubo's team while he was in Germany) comes to Japan to play a series of friendly matches. Frankfurt Captain Rudy wanted to see why Kubo left Germany to form a team in Japan so he challenges Kakegawa High to a match.

Area No Kishi

  • TV Series, 37 episodes
  • 07.01.2012 till 29.09.2012

Erikishi, エリ騎士
エリアの騎士 The Knight In The Area ja
The Knight In The Area en
شوالیه محوطه جریمه fa
Football Dream: The Knight In The Area pt
The story centers around Aizawa Kakeru, the younger brother of the Kamakura School soccer team captain Suguru. While Suguru is so talented in soccer that he has been made part of Japan's national under-15 team, Kakeru is so weak at the sport that he is nicknamed Mr. No Goal. Kakeru's life changes however, after a tragic accident. Source: ANN

Akakichi No Eleven

  • TV Series, 1970-1971, 52 eps,

The Dark Red Eleven
The Red-blooded Eleven
赤き血のイレブン ja
Arrivano I Superboys it
أبطال الملاعب ar

Ashita No Eleven-tachi

  • TV Special
  • 01.07.1979

Once Jóvenes
Tomorrow`s Eleven
Undici Campioni
あしたの勇者(イレブン)たち ja
Young Eleven en
11 Campioni it
Once Pares De Botas Juveniles es
A boy from the farm with amazing running speed is asked to join a newly formed national soccer team and discovers a natural talent for the game. The movie is inspired by Japan's hosting of the world soccer championships that year.

Ganbare! Kickers

  • TV Series, 1986-1987, 23 eps,

Die Kickers
がんばれ! キッカーズ ja
But Pour Rudy fr
Kickers de
Palla Al Centro Per Rudy it
Supergol es
Piłkarze pl
الهداف ar


  • TV Series, 2016, 24 eps,

ден след ден
Days ja
Days en
Days fr

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

  • TV Series, 2002-2003, 52 eps,

Hh, Hhws, Ws
Wild Striker
قلب گشنه: استرایکر وحشی
ハングリーハート Wild Striker ja
Hungry Heart - Wild Striker fr
La Squadra Del Cuore it
şimşek Santrafor tr
Hungry Heart pt-br
قلب تشنه: گلزن وحشی fa

The Doraemons: Goal! Goal! Goal!!

  • Movie, 2002, 1 ep,

ザ☆ドラえもんズ ゴール! ゴール! ゴール!! ja