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Sin: The Movie

  • OVA
  • 24.10.2000

Sin The Movie ja
Sin: The Movie en
Sin: создатели монстров ru
חטא he
αμαρτία el
In the 21st century, the city of Freeport teeters on the verge of collapse. The twin tides of rampant crime and ruinous graft face but a single barrier, an elite strike-force labelled HARDCORPS. Lead by Colonel John Blade, they have become a fierce fighting force for justice in Freeport. Now, Blade must unravel a series of mysterious kidnappings. An elaborate puzzle unfolds as he delves into the decadence of the city, and at its heart is Elexis Sinclaire. Brilliant biochemist, unscrupulous businesswoman, and merciless vixen, Elexis will stop at nothing to achieve her monstrous goal: to bring about the evolution of mankind!

The Animatrix

  • OVA, 2003, 9 eps,

アニマトリックス ja
The Animatrix en
메트릭스 르네상스 ko
Animatrix tr
Animatrica lt
Animatrix 1-9 fi
аниматрицата bg
аниматрица ru
אנימטריקס he
Animátrix hu
Animatrix pt-br

Batman: Gotham Knight

  • OVA, 2008, 6 eps,

Batman: Gotham şövalyesi
бэтмен: рыцарь готэма
バットマン ゴッサムナイト ja
Batman: Gotham Knight en
Batman: Gotham Knight de
Batman - Gothamský Rytíř cs
Batman: Rycerz Gotham pl
Batman: Gotham Lovagja hu
Batman: ο ιππότης της γκόθαμ el
แบทแมน: อัศวินแห่งก็อตแธม th

Beast Wars Second Chou Seimeitai Transformers

  • TV Series, 1998-1999, 43 eps,

ビーストウォーズii(セカンド) 超生命体トランスフォーマー ja
Beast Wars: Feras Mecânicas pt

Chou Seimeitai Transformers Beast Wars Metals: Convoy Daihenshin!

  • Movie
  • 31.07.1999

Beast Wars Metals: Convoy Great Transformation
超生命体トランスフォーマー ビーストウォーズ・メタルス コンボイ大変身! ja
Note: Released theatrically as part of a triple feature of animated films based on Takara properties. The other two short movies included were "Super Doll Licca-chan" and "Microman". Due to the relatively late theatrical release, the episode was not included on Pioneer's Japanese DVD box set of Beast Wars Metals.

Chou Seimeitai Transformers Beast Wars Neo

  • TV Series, 1999, 35 eps,

Beast Wars Neo
超生命体トランスフォーマー ビーストウォーズネオ ja

Uchuu No Senshi

  • OVA, 1988, 6 eps,

Kawaleria Kosmosu
Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers Anime
宇宙の戦士 ja

Starship Troopers: Invasion

  • Movie
  • 21.07.2012

スターシップ・トゥルーパーズ インベイジョン ja
A distant Federation outpost Fort Casey comes under attack by bugs. The team on the fast attack ship Alesia is assigned to help the Starship John A. Warden stationed in Fort Casey evacuate along with the survivors and bring military intelligence safely back to Earth. Carl Jenkins, now head of the Ministry of Paranormal Warfare, takes the starship on a clandestine mission before its rendezvous with the Alesia and goes missing in the nebula. Source: Wikipedia


  • TV Series, 2006, 24 eps,

ウィッチブレイド ja
Witchblade en
Witchblade de
위치블레이드 ko

Little Nemo

  • Movie, 1989,

маленький немо
маленький немо: приключения в стране снов
リトル ニモ ja
Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland en
Little Nemo fr
Little Nemo - Abenteuer Im Schlummerland de
El Pequeño Nemo es
Malý Nemo: Dobrodružství V Dřímkově cs
Pikku Nemo fi
Kis Némó álomországban hu

Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

  • TV Series, 2006-2007, 52 eps,

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z
Las Chicas Superpoderosas Z
Power Puff Girls Z
出ましたっ! パワパフガールズz ja
Les Supers Nanas Zeta fr
Powerpuff Girls es
As Meninas Superpoderosas: Geração Z pt-br
Powerpuff Girls Z el
Super Poderosas pt


  • TV Series, 2011, 12 eps,

ブレイド ja
Blade - Wieczny łowca pl
Ašmenys lt
Penge hu
Blade pt

Halo Legends

  • OVA, 8 episodes
  • 07.11.2009 till 16.02.2010

Halo Legendos
光环: 传奇
Halo Legends en
Halo Legends fr
Halo: Legendy pl
легенды хало ru
* The omnibus film contains eight short anime segments from production studios Bones (Prototype), Casio Entertainment (The Package), Production I.G (The Duel), Bee Train (Homecoming), Studio 4°C (Origins, The Babysitter), and Toei Animation (Odd One Out). Prototype (13 minutes — animation by Studios Bones) — Troubled by his inability to protect the junior members of his strike team, the sole survivor of the mission is still haunted by terrible nightmares. Assigned to a new unit, sergeant Ghost finds himself caught up in a bloody offensive by the Covenant. In desperation, he defies his mission orders and uses a prototype armoured-suit to provide covering fire to allow the rest of his team to withdraw safely. But his orders are for him to destroy the suit and he does not intend to disobey... The Package (14 minutes — animation by Casio Entertainment) — A small group of genetically enhanced soldiers known as Spartans are sent on a near impossible mission to recover an important item known as "the package" that is hidden somewhere within a Covenant fleet. The Duel (15 minutes — animation by Production I.G) — A soldier of the Covenant questions the actions of the elders and finds himself accused of dissension and branded as a traitor. With only his honour to guide him, he finds himself battling members of his tribe while remembering the troubling events that led him to this situation. Homecoming (15 minutes — animation by Production I.G) — While defending the battered remnants of a distant colony, a group of soldiers are surrounded by Covenant forces and face defeat, only to find themselves rescued by a Spartan warrior. The story of their desperate withdrawal is broken by flashbacks of how the Spartan warrior came to be assigned such a hopeless mission. Origins I (10+ minutes, animation by Studio 4°C) — A researcher studying some ancient ruins files a report that tells of how one hundred thousand years ago, an ancient race known only as the Forerunners found themselves facing an enemy they called the Flood. The Flood behaved like a virus, feeding on sentient life and was apparently unstoppable. Facing their imminent defeat, they created a terrible weapon called the HALO and set in motion a number of events that would one day give rise to the other races. Origins II (12+ minutes — animation by Studio 4°C) — The rise of humanity and their ability to travel the stars has not settled their disharmony and aggressiveness. Only when confronted with destruction by an alien enemy called the Covenant do they find a unity of purpose, as they struggle to protect and preserve the human race. But the rise of an ancient enemy soon overshadows the differences between Humanity and the Covenant, and forces the two races to share a common goal. Odd One Out (11+ minutes — animation by Toei Animation) — A Spartan solder named 1337 becomes stranded on an isolated planet where he encounters a group of human kids and has to fight off a Covenant super warrior. The Babysitter (18+ minutes — animation by Studio 4°C) — An elite ODST team is tasked with infiltrating a Covenant controlled planet and assassinating a Covenant Prophet, but they are unhappy that the strike will be under the command of a newly assigned Spartan. Note: Several episodes were initially aired on Halo Waypoint (a central hub for Halo content on Xbox Live) as a promotion prior to the DVD/BD release on 16.02.2010. These episodes were The Babysitter, The Duel, The Package (aired in 2 parts on different dates) and Origins I. The episode ordering was different for the DVD/BD release, and used the following line-up: 4-5, 2, 6, 8, 7, 1, 3.

Yami No Teiou: Kyuuketsuki Dracula

  • TV Special
  • 19.08.1980

Dracula - Emperor Of Darkness
闇の帝王 吸血鬼ドラキュラ ja
Dracula: Sovereign Of The Damned en
Dracula it
Dracula fi
дракула ru
ο κόμης δράκουλας el
* Adaptation of Marvel Comics Tomb of Dracula comic book series. In contemporary Boston, Dracula gate-crashes a Satanic ritual and makes off with the intended sacrifice, Dolores. Overcome with love for her, he is unable to drink her blood and instead settles down with her and fathers a child, Janus. But Dracula's enemies are massing against him - a team of vampire hunters, including the wheelchair-bound professor Hans Harker, his crossbow-wielding assistant Rachel van Helsing, a dog named Elijah, and new recruit Frank Drake, a descendant of Dracula, are closing in. Moreover, Dracula has been stripped of his vampire powers by Satan, and now he desperately needs another vampire to restore his powers so that he can both see off the vampire hunters and strike back at the vengeful Satanists pursuing his family. Source: ANN

Kyoufu Densetsu Kaiki! Frankenstein

  • TV Special
  • 27.07.1981

恐怖伝説 怪奇! フランケンシュタイン ja
Frankensteins Monster sv
Frankenstein pt-br
In a foreboding castle, scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein performs a hideous experiment, which he hopes will bring the dead back to life. With the help of his assistant, he is successful in reanimating a man recreated from parts gathered from corpses, but the creature is unpredictable and horrifying. The doctor flees back to his home in Switzerland, leaving his assistant in charge of destroying the monster. But Dr. Frankenstein soon finds that he cannot hide from his shameful secret forever, as mysterious murders are committed around him, forcing him to question if his creation really is dead and gone.

Ultraviolet: Code 044

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 01.07.2008 till 16.09.2008

ультрафіолет: код 044
致命紫罗兰 编号044
Ultraviolet Code 044 ja
044 becomes the strongest female soldier, excelling in combat through gene manipulation using a virus. However, in exchange for her abilities, her days become numbered. The next government mission is to destroy a bloodthirsty squad, Phage, and its leader King. In her battle, she encounters a Phage soldier, Luka, and finds herself unable to kill him. She wonders why, but as a result, Daxus Jr., the leader of the government group, regards her as a traitor. She is targeted by both Phage and the government, and runs away with the injured Luka. Source: AnimeNfo


  • TV Series, 2010-2011, 12 eps,

ウルヴァリン ja
Rozsomák hu
Wolverine pt

Iron Man

  • TV Series, 2010, 12 eps,

Geležinis žmogus
железия човек
железный человек
залізна людина
アイアンマン ja
Demir Adam tr
Vasember hu
Homem De Ferro pt
Người Sắt vi


  • TV Series, 2011, 12 eps,

エックスメン ja
X-men hu


  • OVA, 22 episodes
  • 23.02.2011 till 06.04.2011

Supernatural The Animation
Supernatural ja
Supernatural: The Anime Series en
* Based on Warner Bros.'s successful live action television series Supernatural. After his wife's death in a suspicious fire that burns down their house 22 years prior, John Winchester goes missing during a hunting trip. However, John is not a typical hunter: he hunts supernatural creatures like ghosts, vampires and spirits, and he has trained his sons to do the same. Sam and Dean go searching for their father, and since then they live a life on the road, in Dean's black, 1967 Chevrolet Impala with Kansas license plates. Along the way, the two brothers save innocent people, fight creatures and ghosts, and collect clues to their father's whereabouts. Source: Wikipedia