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Omishi Mahou Gekijou: Risky/safety

  • TV Series, 24 episodes
  • 05.10.1999 till 04.04.2000

Mahou Shinshi Gekijou Risky Safety
Risky Safety
волшебный театр омиси: риски и сэйфти
臣士魔法劇場 リスキー★セフティ ja
Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety en
Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety is a rather mild shoujo-esque series from (bizarrely enough) Omishi Rei, the creator of the somewhat perverse Bakuretsu Hunters, to which it is not even remotely similar. Mild is the operative word here, as there is virtually no action to speak of, very little music, or even much dialogue. In fact, the series is built entirely on visual cuteness and lots of introspection, leading me to believe that it's probably much better suited to the manga version, and that you might have a hard time getting into the anime. Katusragi Moe was feeling blue one day, when a tiny little death god appeared before her and attempted to kill her. Fortunately for her he didn't have much experience at his job, and in a moment of her happiness was suddenly replaced by an equally tiny angel. As it turns out, Risky and Safety are both apprentices in their respective jobs, and as their final challenge must share a body and attempt to win their full title by taking or protecting souls, respectively. Of course that makes life kind of difficult for them, and for everyone around them...

Ookami To Koushinryou

  • TV Series, 2008, 12 eps,

Aktar Ve Kurt
Kurt Ve Baharat
S&w, Sw, Saw, Otk
Spicy Wolf
Vilkė Ir Prieskoniai
Wilk I Przyprawa
Wolf And Spice
вовчиця і спеції
вовчиця та спеції
תבלין וזאב
狼と香辛料 ja
Spice And Wolf en
волчица и пряности ru


  • Movie
  • 29.04.2011

A Lenda Do Dragão Milenar
鬼神伝 ja
Legend Of The Millennium Dragon en
La Légende Du Dragon Millénaire fr
Onigamiden - Legend Of The Millenium Dragon de
La Leyenda Del Dragón Milenario es
Onigamiden: A Lenda Do Dragão Milenar pt-br
La Leyenda Del Dragón Milenario es-la
* Based on a 2004 two-volume novel by the same name from author Takada Takafumi. The film's story revolves around the war between oni (demons) and humans in the former Japanese capital of Kyoto, 1,200 years ago during the Heian period.

Onegai Teacher

  • TV Series, 2002, 12 eps,

Ot, One1, Onetea, おねてぃ
Prašau Mokytoja!
будь ласка
моля ви учителю
пожалуйста! учитель
오네가이 티쳐
おねがい☆ティーチャー ja
Please Teacher! en
Please Teacher! fr
Onegai Teacher de
พลีสทีชเชอร์ สอนนักรักซะ th

Onegai Twins

  • TV Series, 2003, 12 eps,

One2, Please2, Onetwo, Ot2, Otw, Otwins, Pt2, おね*2
Prašau Dvyniai
пожалуйста! близнецы
오네가이 트윈즈
おねがい☆ツインズ ja
Please Twins! en
Please Twins fr

Okusama Wa Joshikousei (2005)

  • TV Series, 2005, 13 eps,

Ma Femme Est Une étudiante
My Wife Is A High School Girl
Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei (2005)
Oku-sama Wa Joshikosei (2005)
Oku-sama Wa Joshikousei (2005)
Okusama Wa Joshi Kousei (2005)
Okusama Wa Joshikosei (2005)
Owj, Okusei
おくさまは女子高生 ja

Ouran Koukou Host Club

  • TV Series, 2006, 26 eps,

Host Club Del Instituto Ouran
Ohshc, Ouran, Okhc, 樱兰
Ouran Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Bu
Ouran Lisesi Host Kulübü
хост-клуб оранской школы
מועדון האירוח של תיכון אורן
کلوپ میزبانی دبیرستان اوران
نادي مدرسة أوران الثانوية للضيافة
桜蘭高校ホスト部[クラブ] ja
Ouran High School Host Club en
Host Club - Le Lycée De La Séduction fr
Ouran High School Host Club de
Ouran High School Host Club pl
развлекателен клуб оуран bg
ชมรมรัก คลับมหาสนุก th

Oda Nobuna No Yabou

  • TV Series, 12 episodes
  • 09.07.2012 till 24.09.2012

Ambition Of Oda...
великите подвизи на ода нобуна
織田信奈の野望 ja
The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna en
Oda Nobuna No Yabô fr
* Based on a light novel series by Kasuga Mikage with illustrations by Miyama Zero. The historical romantic comedy follows 17-year-old high schooler Sagara Yoshiharu who one day time-travels to the Sengoku period, where all the major Samurai lords are cute girls. Yoshiharu meets Oda Nobuna, the girl counterpart of Oda Nobunaga, and begins to serve her as a substitute of Kinoshita Toukichirou, who has been dead in the world. Source: MAL

Otaku No Video

  • OVA, 1991, 2 eps,

фильм об отаку 1982 & 1985
おたくのビデオ ja
Otaku No Video en
Otaku No Video de
Otaku No Video it
Otaku No Video nl


comedy  new  parody 

One Piece

  • TV Series,

1p, Op, Op Tv, Onep, Optv, 海贼
One Piece
One Piece Tv
Tek Parça
едно цяло
одним куском
уан пийс
One Piece ja
One Piece en
One Piece de
All`arrembaggio! it
원피스 ko
Lastik çocuk tr
большой куш ru
וואן פיס he
海贼王 zh-hans
ντρέικ και το κυνήγι του θησαυρού el
ون بيس ar
وان پیس fa
วันพีซ th
великий куш uk
One Piece gl
Budak Getah my
ওয়ান পিস্ bd

One Piece (2000)

  • Movie, 2000, 1 ep,

One Piece Movie: The Great Gold Pirate
One Piece The Movie: Kaisokuou Ni Ore Wa Naru
One Piece: I`ll Be A Pirate King
One Piece: O Filme
Op Movie 1, One Piece Movie, One Piece Movie 1, Opm, Opm1
ワンピース (2000)
One Piece (2000) ja
One Piece: The Movie en
One Piece : Le Film fr
One Piece: Der Film de
One Piece: Per Tutto L`oro Del Mondo it

One Piece 3d: Gekisou! Trap Coaster

  • Movie, 2011, 1 ep,

One Piece 3d 激走! トラップコースター ja


manga  shounen 

One Piece 3d: Mugiwara Chase

  • Movie, 2011, 1 ep,

One Piece Movie 11
One Piece 3d 麦わらチェイス ja

One Piece Film: Gold

  • Movie
  • 23.07.2016

One Piece Film Gold ja
Set in Grantesoro, an independent country chartered by the World Government, home of the world's greatest entertainment city where well-known pirates, Marines, and millionaires gather in an "absolute sanctuary" that even the World Government can't touch. There, Luffy and the others meet the ruler of the country, the golden emperor Gild Tesoro who easily wins pirates, the Marines, and even the World Government over to his side with money. He is about to take action to satisfy his bottomless ambition which may result in major changes in power relationships in the New World. Source: ANN


manga  shounen 

One Piece Film: Strong World

  • Movie, 2009, 1 ep,

One Piece Movie 10
ون بيس: العالم القوي
ワンピース フィルム ストロングワールド
One Piece Film Strong World ja
One Piece Film: Strong World en
One Piece - 10. Film: Strong World de

One Piece Film: Strong World - Episode 0

  • OVA, 2010, 1 ep,

ワンピース フィルム ストロングワールド エピソード・ゼロ
One Piece Film Strong World Episode:0 ja

One Piece Film: Z

  • Movie, 2012, 1 ep,

One Piece Movie 12
ワンピース フィルム Z
One Piece Film Z ja
One Piece Film: Z en

One Piece Special: Romance Dawn Story

  • Movie, 2008, 1 ep,

ワンピース ロマンスドーンストーリー
One Piece Special Romance Dawn Story ja
One Piece: Romance Dawn Story en
One Piece: Romance Dawn Story fr
One Piece: Romance Dawn Story de

One Piece The Movie: Dead End No Bouken

  • Movie, 2003, 1 ep,

One Piece: Dead End Adventure
Op Movie 4, One Piece Movie 4, Opm4
ワンピース デッドエンドの冒険
One Piece The Movie デッドエンドの冒険 ja
One Piece The Movie: The Dead End Adventure en
One Piece : Une Aventure Sans Issue fr
One Piece - 4. Film: Das Dead End Rennen de
One Piece: Trappola Mortale it

One Piece The Movie: Karakurijou No Mecha Kyohei

  • Movie, 2006, 1 ep,

One Piece - Movie 7: Karakuri Castle`s Mecha Giant Soldier
One Piece Movie 7 - Karakuri Jo No Meka Kyohei
One Piece: Karakuri Castle`s Mecha Giant Soldier
Op Movie 7, One Piece Movie 7, Opm7
ワンピース The Movie カラクリ城のメカ巨兵
One Piece The Movie カラクリ城のメカ巨兵 ja
One Piece: The Giant Mechanical Soldier Of Karakuri Castle en
One Piece - 7. Film: Schloß Karakuris Metall-soldaten de
One Piece: I Misteri Dell`isola Meccanica it