By letter L

Log Horizon

  • TV Series, 2013-2014, 25 eps,

ログ・ホライズン ja
Log Horizon en
Log Horizon fr
记录的地平线 zh-hans
ورود به افق fa

Lupin The Third: Mine Fujiko To Iu Onna

  • TV Series, 2012, 13 eps,

Lupin Iii: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
люпен Iii: женщина по имени фудзико минэ
Lupin The Third 峰不二子という女 ja
Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine en

Lupin Sansei

  • TV Series, 1971-1972, 23 eps,

Giacca Verde
Green Jacket
Lupin Iii Tv
Lupin Iii: Part I
Lupin Sansei: Part I
لوبن الثالث
لوپین سوم
鲁邦三世 (tv第1部)
ルパン三世 ja
Lupin The Third Tv en
Edgar De La Cambriole - Saison 1 fr
Lupin Iii - Prima Serie it
люпен трети bg

Lost Universe

  • TV Series, 26 episodes
  • 03.04.1998 till 25.09.1998

Universo Perdido
потерянная вселенная
ロスト・ユニバース ja
Lost Universe en
Lost Universe fr
затерянная вселенная ru
χαμένος γαλαξίας el
السيف القاطع ar
Lost Universe pt
Universo Perdido es-la
Kane Blueriver and his AI companion Canal Vorfeed are trouble contractors, taking on jobs that require their special skills. Their jobs vary from armed escort, to patrol duty, to the capturing of dangerous criminals. Millennium Feria Nocturne is a private eye who has to be the best at everything. When the three of them get together, they run into one mess after another, gradually uncovering more of a mystery that ties the legendary Lost Ships to all of their pasts, bringing them closer and closer to a discovery that something called Nightmare would rather not have them find... Source: AnimeNfo

Love Hina

  • TV Series, 2000, 24 eps,

Love Hina Tv
кохання та хіна
любовь и хина
с любовью
ラブひな ja
Love Hina en
Love Hina de
러브 히나 ko
Love Hina da
เลิฟฮินะ th

Level E

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 11.01.2011 till 05.04.2011

ниво е
レベルe ja
Level E en
* Based on a science-fiction manga series by Togashi Yoshihiro serialised in Weekly Shounen Jump. In the present day, hundreds of extraterrestrial species walk the Earth. Some are pacifistic, others violent. Some are here for research purposes, others are career criminals. However, humans don't know they are here. Now, one more alien has arrived on Earth. One of the universe's foremost geniuses with a personality that's bound to attract all sorts of trouble. ~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston


comedy  manga  shounen 

Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

  • TV Special, 2000, 1 ep,

Lh Christmas, Lhcs, Lhw
любовь и хина - рождественский спецвыпуск
с любовью
хина - рождественский спецвыпуск
ラブひなクリスマススペシャル ~サイレント・イヴ~ ja
Love Hina Christmas Movie en
Love Hina Spécial - Christmas fr
Love Hina: Christmas Special de
Love Hina: Especial De Navidad es
Love Hina Christmas Special fi

Love Hina Again

  • OVA, 2002, 3 eps,

Lh Again, Lha
снова C любовью
снова любовь и хина
ラブひな Again ja
Love Hina Again en
Love Hina Again de

Love Hina Haru Special: Kimi Sakura Chiru Nakare!!

  • TV Special, 2001, 1 ep,

Lhs, Lhss
Love Hina Spring Special: Don`t Let The Blooming Blossoms Wither And Fall!
Love Hina: Especial De Primavera
любовь и хина - весенний спецвыпуск
с любовью
хина - весенний спецвыпуск
ラブひな春スペシャル ~キミサクラチルナカレ!!~ ja
Love Hina Spring Movie en
Love Hina Spécial - Spring fr
Love Hina: Spring Special de
Love Hina - Spring Special sv

Lodoss-tou Senki

  • OVA, 1990-1991, 13 eps,

Crônicas Da Guerra De Lodoss
Crónicas De La Guerra De Lodoss
Les Chroniques De La Guerre De Lodoss
Lodoss Ova
Lodoss, Rolw, Rolw Ova
ロードス島戦記 ja
Record Of Lodoss War en
Chroniques De La Guerre De Lodoss fr
Record Of Lodoss War de
Cronache Della Guerra Di Lodoss it
Kronika Wojny Na Lodoss pl
ο πόλεμος του Lodoss el

Lucky Star

  • TV Series, 2007, 24 eps,

Estrela Da Sorte
Lstv, L☆s, Ls
Lucky Star Tv
Ngôi Sao May Mắn
şanslı Yıldız
Szczęśliwa Gwiazda
късметлийска звезда
счастливая звезда
نجم محظوظ
らき☆すた ja
Lucky Star en
幸運☆星 zh-hant
幸运☆星 zh-hans


  • TV Series, 2005, 12 eps,

Lamune: Glass Bin Ni Utsuru Umi
Ramune: Glass Bin Ni Utsuru Umi
ラムネ ja

Lodoss-tou Senki: Eiyuu Kishi Den

  • TV Series, 1998, 27 eps,

Chroniques De Lodoss : La Légende Du Chevalier Héroïque
Ký Sự Chiến Tranh Lodoss : Thời đại Dũng Sĩ
Lodoss Tv, Rolw Tv
Record Of Lodoss War Tv
Record Of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knights
罗德岛战记tv 英雄骑士传
ロードス島戦記 英雄騎士伝 ja
Record Of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight en
Chroniques De La Guerre De Lodoss : La Légende Du Chevalier Héroïque fr
Record Of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight de

Le Chevalier D`eon

  • TV Series, 2006-2007, 24 eps,

Eon şövalyesi
Le Chevalier D`eon
The Knight Of Eon
рицарят д`еон
シュヴァリエ Le Chevalier D`eon ja
Le Chevalier D`eon en
Le Chevalier D`éon fr
Le Chevalier D`eon it
Le Chevalier D`eon cs
Kawaler Miecza pl
шевалье д`эон ru
อัศวินสีเลือด th

Lovely Complex

  • TV Series, 2007, 24 eps,

Lovely Complex
Uroczy Związek
комплекс кохання
любовен комплекс
трогательный комплекс
ラブ★コン ja
Lovely Complex en
Bezvadná Dvojka cs
Lovely Complex hu

Legend Of Basara

  • TV Series, 13 episodes
  • 03.04.1998 till 26.06.1998

Basara, Lob
レジェンド オブ バサラ
Legend Of Basara ja
Legend Of Basara de
Basara takes place in Japan, about 300 years from a large disaster that occurred around now; the 1990s or soon after. After the disaster humanity and civilization crumbled, and Japan, as an island country, fell into isolation and disrepair. The climate changed, and some parts were turned into desert, while others were filled with all sorts of strange creatures. But at the start of the manga, we are not sure which parts of Japan have been changed, and how, except for where the main character, a girl named Sarasa, grew up. That part, Hyakko village, just north of Shikoku, had been turned to desert, and that is where the story begins. Sarasa is the twin sister of a boy named Tatara, who was prophesied to be the one to lead all out of submission. The submission written of is that of the cruel kings who war against each other for control of Japan; each control a sector of it, but none have yet been able to reign supreme. One of them, The Red King, learns of this prophecy and sends an army to exterminate the village. This is where the story begins. Source: AnimeNfo

Little Witch Academia

  • Movie, 2013, 1 ep,

Wakate Animator Ikusei Project 2013 2
Young Animator Training Project 2013 2
академия ведьмочек
академията на малките вещици
若手アニメーター育成プロジェクト 2013 2
リトルウィッチアカデミア ja
Little Witch Academia de
академія відьмочок uk

Lupin Sansei Vs Meitantei Conan

  • TV Special, 2009, 1 ep,

Lupicona, Lupicona-tv
Lupin Iii Vs. Detective Conan
Lupin Sansei Versus Meitantei Conan
люпен трети срещу детектив конан
لوبان الثالث ضد المحقق كونان
ルパン三世 Vs 名探偵コナン ja
Lupin Iii Vs Detective Conan: The Special en

Lupin Sansei: Cagliostro No Shiro

  • Movie, 1979, 1 ep,

Coc, Cagliostro
Die Jäger Des Cagliostro
Hardyman Räumt Auf
Hardyman Schafft Alle - Freiheit Für Prinzessin Yasmin
Lupin Iii - Le Château De Cagliostro
Lupin Iii: The Castle Of Cagliostro
Lupin Sansei Movie 02
Rupan Sansei: Cagliostro No Shiro
The Castle Of Cagliostro
люпен Iii: замок калиостро
люпін ііі ~замок каліостро~
ルパン三世 カリオストロの城 ja
Lupin The 3rd: The Castle Of Cagliostro en
Edgar De La Cambriole - Le Château De Cagliostro fr
Das Schloss Des Cagliostro de
Lupin Iii - Il Castello Di Cagliostro it
Lupin - Vévodsví Cagliostro cs
Lupin Trzeci: Zamek Cagliostro pl
Lupin Iii: The Castle Of Cagliostro fi
Arsene Lupin Ja Cagliostro Loss et
люпен трети: замъкът на каглиостро bg
замок калиостро ru
Lupin Iii. - Cagliostro Kastélya hu
Lupin Iii: O Castelo De Cagliostro pt-br

Lupin Sansei (1977)

  • TV Series, 1977-1980, 155 eps,

Giacca Rossa
Lupin Iii Tv 2, L32, L3tv2, Lupins2
Lupin Iii: Part Ii
Lupin Sansei: Part 2
New Lupin Iii
Red Jacket
Shin Lupin Iii
Shin Lupin Sansei
люпет трети (1977)
鲁邦三世 (tv第2部)
ルパン三世 (1977) ja
Lupin The 3rd en
Edgar, Le Détective Cambrioleur fr
Lupin Iii - Seconda Serie it