Rikujou Bouei-tai Mao-chan

TV Series, 26 Episodes 04.07.2002 Till 26.12.2002
Earth Defender Mao-chan
Earth Defender! Mao-chan
Ground Defence Mao-chan
Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan
陸上防衛隊まおちゃん ja
Mao-chan en


* Based on the original work by Akamatsu Ken, the creator of Love Hina, produced by Xebec. In order to protect Japan from a mysterious alien invasion, the Defence Force Team (DFT) has been assembled. But these are no ordinary heroes. They are all grade school girls, who most of the time cause more trouble than good. But why did the Defence Party (DP) even bother to assemble this overly cute team? Apparently, it is because the chief of the DP, Onigawara Rikushirou, has his granddaughter placed on the DFT. Onigawara Mao (ground defence), Tsukishima Misora (air defence) and Maruyama Silvia (sea defence) make up the DFT, and when they combine forces, they can unleash a great power. Together with Mishima Kagome, the team's commander, can they really fight against the mysterious aliens?


opening All My Love
opening Brand New Day
ending Eternity
ending It`s My Style


Best Album Album, 15 tracks, 20.09.2012
Sky Album, 13 tracks, 24.07.2003
Sky Album, 13 tracks, 24.07.2003


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Voiced By Nagasawa Miki
Mishima Kagome
27, female
Series Composition (シリーズ構成) Kuroda Yousuke
Sound Direction (音響監督) Kikuta Hiromi
Voiced By Hanba Tomoe
Voiced By Kurata Masayo
Carol Cameron
Producer (プロデューサー) Moriyama Atsushi
Original Work (原作) Akamatsu Ken
Direction (監督) Iwasaki Yoshiaki
Art Design (美術設定) Nagasawa Junko
Animation Work (アニメーション制作) Xebec
Art Direction (美術監督) Asakura Chitose
Producer (プロデューサー) Hiramatsu Naoki
Prop Design (プロップデザイン) Takakura Takeshi
Voiced By Shiratori Yuri
Music (音楽) Hattori Takayuki
Voiced By Sonobe Keiichi
Photographic Direction (撮影監督) Tsumura Haruhiko
Voiced By Nojima Akio
Editing (編集) Itabe Hiroaki
Colour Design (色彩設定) Sekimoto Mitsuko
Voiced By Koyama Kimiko
Onigawara Mao
8, female, bloodtype: O
Voiced By Yoshikawa Yuuya
Tsukishima Misora
8, female, bloodtype: A
Voiced By Taniguchi Takashi
Voiced By Iura Ai
Voiced By Mannaka Yukiko
Voiced By Suzuki Kiyonobu
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Yanagisawa Masahide