Queen`s Blade: Gyokuza O Tsugu Mono

TV Series, 2009, 12 Eps
Qb: Gotm, Qb2
Queen`s Blade 2
Queen`s Blade: The Successor To The Throne
女王之刃 王座继承者
クイーンズブレイド 玉座を継ぐ者 ja
Queen`s Blade 2: The Evil Eye en
Queen`s Blade (2) de


opening Ochinai Sora 2-11, OP1
ending Buddy Body 2-6, 8-11, ED1a-ED1c
ending Ochinai Sora 7


Queen`s Blade Vocal Complete Album Album, 14 tracks, 25.03.2010
Buddy Body Single, 4 tracks, 23.10.2009
Ochinai Sora Single, 4 tracks, 23.10.2009


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Voiced By Kawasumi Ayako
Voiced By Takahashi Mikako
Voiced By Mizuhashi Kaori
Voiced By Tachiki Fumihiko
Voiced By Kugimiya Rie
Voiced By Tanaka Rie
Voiced By Yuzuki Ryouka
Voiced By Tanaka Atsuko
Planning (企画) Oosawa Nobuhiro
Production (製作) Genco
Producer (プロデュース) Genco
Sound Effects (音響効果) Konno Yasuyuki Swara Pro (スワラ・プロ)
Voiced By Saitou Ayaka
Voiced By Kaida Yuki
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Hirata Katsuzou
Work Assistance (制作協力) Tnk 8
Sound Direction (音響監督) Aketagawa Jin
Sound Work (音響制作) Magic Capsule
Sound (音響) Magic Capsule S1-S6
Production (製作) At-x
Producer (プロデューサー) Morijiri Kazuaki
Work (制作) Arms
Production Generalisation (制作プロデューサー) Koshinaka Osamu
Voiced By Hirano Aya
Production (製作) Media Factory
Music Work (音楽制作) Media Factory
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Takamura Kazuhiro
Direction (監督) Yoshimoto Kinji
Colour Design (色彩設計) Yoshimoto Kinji
Story Concept (ストーリーコンセプト) Yoshimoto Kinji
Music Producer (音楽プロデューサー) Yamamori Atsushi
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Rin Sin
Chief Animation Direction (総作画監督) Rin Sin From episode 2 onward
Voiced By Kaida Yuuko
Work Assistance (制作協力) Studio Gazelle 5
Voiced By Kitamura Eri
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Hisayuki Hirokazu
Series Composition (シリーズ構成) Yoshioka Takao
Planning (企画) Iwasaki Atsushi
Production Generalisation (制作プロデューサー) Hatakeyama Takurou
Producer (プロデューサー) Tanaka Shinsaku
Voiced By Gotou Yuuko
Art Design (美術設定) Kanehira Kazushige Kusanagi (草薙)
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Noguchi Takayuki
Chief Animation Direction (総作画監督) Noguchi Takayuki
Art Direction (美術監督) Suzuki Takafumi Studio Easter (スタジオ・イースター)
Voiced By Kano Yui
Production (製作) Toranoana
Music (音楽) Yokoyama Masaru
Chief Animation Direction (総作画監督) Ishibashi Yukiko
Photographic Direction (撮影監督) Ikegami Shinji
Work Assistance (制作協力) Hanjin Animation 4, 10
Producer (プロデューサー) Yoshida Hirotaka
Voiced By Itou Kanae
Voiced By Takeuchi Miyuu
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Kantaka
Editing (編集) Taguma Henshuushitsu 2-12, S1-S6 Given in outro
Editing (編集) Taguma Jun
Producer (プロデューサー) Minami Hiromasa
Original Work (原作) Hobby Japan Given as HobbyJAPAN
Production (製作) Hobby Japan Given as ホビージャパン
Original Supervision (原作監修) Kawahara Masanobu
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Akaga Hirotaka
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Eiwa
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) F.s
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Kaneko Hiraku
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Kuroki Masahiro
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Kuuchuu Yousai
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Matsuryuu
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Mibu Natsuki
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Zundarepon
Colour Design (色彩設計) Matsubara Sadahime
Producer (プロデューサー) Yokota Masaaki
Planning (企画) Sakakima Ryouji
Work Assistance (制作協力) Jiwoo Animation 6


Number Name Opening Ending Duration Aired
1 assembling! queen`s blade 25m 24.09.2009
2 crushing evil! unexpected battle 25m 01.10.2009
3 flaming emotions! bursting fate 25m 08.10.2009
4 confrontation! the bonds that call each other 25m 15.10.2009
5 strategy! the royal palace`s grief 25m 22.10.2009
6 complication! the changing premonition 25m 29.10.2009
7 freezing! outside forecast`s situation 25m 05.11.2009
8 shameful shudder! fighting angel 25m 12.11.2009
9 innermost feelings! duel at vance castle 25m 19.11.2009
10 true desire! reason to fight 25m 26.11.2009
11 duel to the death! culminating showdown 25m 03.12.2009
12 ambition! successor to the throne 25m 10.12.2009
S1 let`s still appear - gainos academy rampage! wow! a beach volleyball tournament between the beautiful warriors 3m 22.12.2009
S2 let`s still appear - gainos academy rampage! the suffering of little genius teacher ymir 3m 22.01.2010
S3 let`s still appear - gainos academy rampage! passionate trainer coach alleyne 3m 25.02.2010
S4 let`s still appear - gainos academy rampage! the melancholy of huge breasted doctor melpha 3m 25.03.2010
S5 let`s still appear - gainos academy rampage! student council executive irma 3m 23.04.2010
S6 let`s still appear - gainos academy rampage! queen`s brassiere 3m 25.05.2010
S7 vol.1 - digital flash manga (full voice ver.) 3m 22.12.2009
S8 vol.2 - digital flash manga (full voice ver.) 3m 22.01.2010
S9 vol.3 - digital flash manga (full voice ver.) 3m 25.02.2010
S10 vol.4 - digital flash manga (full voice ver.) 3m 25.03.2010
S11 vol.5 - digital flash manga (full voice ver.) 3m 23.04.2010
S12 vol.6 - digital flash manga (full voice ver.) 3m 25.05.2010
S13 i`ll become queen!! battle game! 20m 14.08.2009
S14 queen`s blade club the dan kai 20m 14.08.2009
S15 morishita yuri`s sexy airi cosplay pv 5m 14.08.2009
S16 mf autumn 2009 anime festival event 25m 27.09.2009
OP1 ochinai sora (2-11) 2m 01.10.2009
ED1a buddy body (2-6, 8-11) 2m 01.10.2009
ED1b buddy body (2-6, 8-11) 2m 12.11.2009
ED1c buddy body (2-6, 8-11) 2m 03.12.2009
C5 ending 2 2m 10.12.2009
T1 preview 3m 14.08.2009
T2 digest video 10m 14.08.2009
T3 commercial 1 1m 22.12.2009
T4 commercial 2 1m 22.12.2009
T5 commercial 3 1m 22.12.2009
T6 commercial 4 1m 22.12.2009
T7 promotion video 2m 22.12.2009