TV Series, 12 Episodes 07.01.2015 Till 20.03.2015
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During a conflict between the Krakozhia Dukedom and the Grania Republic: in the midst of the fighting, a saviour appears to the Dukedom, and it is none other than high school student Yano Souhei's salesman father. This puts Souhei in immediate danger though, so two female soldiers — First Lieutenant Rutogarnikof Chuui and Second Lieutenant Haruka Shoui — appear in tanks to "protect" Souhei's everyday life. Soon thereafter the enemy soldier Shachirof Gunsou with the mission to kill Souhei, sends herself in a package to his home, since she is too lazy to walk there. Souhei's quiet life certainly takes a turn for the unruly, since all parties involved liberally use firearms inside his home.


ending Militarism! (m870 Ver.) 1-4, ED1
ending Militarism! (m700 Ver.) 5-8, ED2
ending Militarism! (microgun Ver.) 10-11, ED3


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Voiced By Sakurai Takahiro
Voiced By Choo
Voiced By Kuroda Takaya
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Nagamori Yoshihiro
Voiced By Arai Satomi
Sound Direction (音響監督) Oomuro Masakatsu
Sound Work (音響制作) Dax Production
Direction (監督) Kimura Hiroshi
Voiced By Touyama Nao
Voiced By Kayano Ai
Voiced By Minase Inori
Voiced By Sakura Ayane
Work (制作プロダクション) Dream Creation
Voiced By Suzuki Misaki
Music (音楽) Hatori Fuuga
Voiced By Terasaki Ayano
Voiced By Yamaya Yoshitaka
Original Work (原作) Mamo Williams
Animation Work (アニメーション制作) Creators In Pack


Number Name Opening Ending Duration Aired
1 the mission begins! 4m 07.01.2015
2 assassin!! delivery?! 4m 14.01.2015
3 new weapon for extreme cold! 4m 21.01.2015
4 the ultimate weapon next door!! 4m 28.01.2015
5 nuclear warhead captured!! 4m 04.02.2015
6 reinforcements have arrived!! 4m 11.02.2015
7 landing mission successful? 4m 18.02.2015
8 operation: magical girl!! 4m 25.02.2015
9 the last night... 4m 04.03.2015
10 grue`s battle chronicles... 4m 11.03.2015
11 the defector girl!? 4m 18.03.2015
12 military! 4m 20.03.2015
S1 episode 13 6m 20.03.2015
ED1 militarism! (m870 ver.) (1-4) 1m 07.01.2015
ED2 militarism! (m700 ver.) (5-8) 1m 04.02.2015
ED3 militarism! (microgun ver.) (10-11) 1m 11.03.2015