Lime-iro Ryuukitan Cross: Koi, Oshiete Kudasai.

TV Series, 13 Episodes 05.01.2005 Till 30.03.2005
Limeiro Ryuukitan X
Raimuiro Ryuukitan X
らいむいろ流奇譚x(cross) ~恋,教ヘテクダサイ.~ ja
Lime Iro Ryuukitan X Cross - Tell Me About Love en


* Based on a game by Elf. It was Meiji 38 (1905), the Russo-Japanese War that had begun since the previous year was getting hard. In this severe circumstance, they reorganized the Raimu Squad. The members of the Raimu Squad were the girls. They were just like other ordinary girls who went to schools and yearned for love, except that they had "Raimu". Inukai Kyoushirou was a young man who was newly chosen to be the leader of the squad. He was ambitious to fight for Japan. When the young man met the five girls, the new chapter of "Raimu" began. Source: AnimeNfo


opening Shijun Hana OP1
ending Tasogare Shoujo ED1


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Editing (編集) Seyama Takeshi
Voiced By Morikawa Toshiyuki
Voiced By Yoshino Hiroyuki
Voiced By Kawakami Tomoko
Voiced By Kaneda Tomoko
Music (音楽) Lantis
Sound Producer (音響プロデューサー) Hirata Tetsu
Original Work (原作) Akahori Satoru
Series Composition (シリーズ構成) Akahori Satoru
Voiced By Koorogi Satomi
Voiced By Ishii Kouji
Voiced By Mizuno Manabi
Art Direction (美術監督) Takahashi Kazuhiro
Work (制作) Acgt
Producer (プロデューサー) Takano Hideo
Voiced By Dodo Asako
Animation Producer (アニメーションプロデューサー) Abe Shoujiro
Music (音楽) Sawaguchi Kazuhiko
Colour Design (色彩設定) Iriomote Michiyo
Voiced By Yoshizumi Kozue
Voiced By Konno Hiromi
Voiced By Koyama Kimiko
Original Character Design (キャラクター原案) Honda Naoki
Production (製作) Soft Garage
Voiced By Imai Asami
Direction (監督) Tominaga Tsuneo
Voiced By Kadowaki Mai
Voiced By Hirota Shion
Production Generalisation (制作プロデューサー) Muratake Yasunori
Voiced By Gotou Yuuko
Voiced By Kashiwagi Hiromi
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Yoshiten
Photographic Direction (撮影監督) Nakamura Masaki


Number Name Opening Ending Duration Aired
1 his name is kyoushirou! 25m 05.01.2005
2 sweet impact 25m 12.01.2005
3 first time teacher 25m 19.01.2005
4 crybaby ninja scroll 25m 26.01.2005
5 pure hearted mischievous girl 25m 02.02.2005
6 like me 25m 09.02.2005
7 now, man, transform! 25m 16.02.2005
8 we depart 25m 23.02.2005
9 more than a child, but less than an adult 25m 02.03.2005
10 the beautiful fall of the lily 25m 09.03.2005
11 the heart that won`t cry 25m 16.03.2005
12 the resurrected dark egg 25m 23.03.2005
13 teach us love and victory, please! 25m 30.03.2005
OP1 shijun hana 2m 05.01.2005
ED1 tasogare shoujo 2m 05.01.2005