Ichigo 100% (2005)

OVA, 4 Episodes 20.06.2005 Till 31.10.2005
I100 Ova
Ichigo 100% - Oav
Strawberry 100% Ova
いちご100% (2005) ja


Stormy Spring Festival of the Night Mist Chapter — The film club is preparing their room for the school spring festival; but due to various circumstances the room ends up devastated and everyone but Junpei is gone, so he has to clean up the mess by himself. Luckily, late that evening one girl returns to help out... Oumi Academy Exodus Chapter — One morning Junpei wakes up and finds Yui in his bed. She is there because she has a fever and cannot stay in the dorms. Since he is late for class already she asks him a favour, to return her friends' notes before classes start. This is problematic since Yui attends Oumi Academy, an all-girls school that has guards, crazy miko teachers, electric fences, and even a Bondage Club. And this is also the same school that Tsukasa goes to. Fresh Pension Crisis ~ Be Careful of the Owner! — The whole film club team, plus Nishino, Yui, Chinami, and a new girl named Mukai Kozue are travelling to a new resort deep in the mountains where they accepted jobs over the summer holidays. This is to raise funds for further film projects, and the pay is good. But soon enough they learn what the male crew of this resort actually is up to... Sudden change of Heart!? — All the film club members, including the guests Chinami and Kozue, are discussing the next film project they plan to shoot. But when shy Toujou, who normally only writes scripts about pure love, suddenly suggests doing a Yakuza movie and openly declares she loves Manaka things begin to get out of hand, and slowly the boys are facing a development they would never have dreamed of, not in their worst nightmares... Source: anime.mikomi.org (edited)

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opening Kimi-iro 100% 1-4, OP1
ending Jink White 1, ED1
ending Daigyakuten Kiss 2, ED2
ending Kokoro Capsule 3, ED3
ending Platonic Scandal 4, ED4
image song Hi No Ataru Basho
image song Natsu Matsuri Koi Kaze
image song Omoi, Fuwari
image song Perfect Rainbow


Mamiko Noto Character Song Collection Album, 23 tracks, 25.02.2009
Kimi-iro 100% Single, 4 tracks, 26.01.2005
Ichigo 100% Original Soundtrack Album, 43 tracks, 12.01.2006
Ichigo 100% Character File 1. Toujou Aya Single, 5 tracks, 25.05.2005
Ichigo 100% Character File 2. Nishino Tsukasa Single, 5 tracks, 22.06.2005
Ichigo 100% Character File 3. Minamito Yui Single, 5 tracks, 24.08.2005
Ichigo 100% Character File 4. Kitaooji Satsuki Single, 5 tracks, 22.09.2005


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Animation Work (アニメーション制作) Madhouse
Voiced By Toyoguchi Megumi
Nishino Tsukasa
female, bloodtype: B
Planning (企画) Ono Tatsuya
Planning (企画) Maruyama Masao
Voiced By Mizuki Nana
Minamito Yui
female, bloodtype: O
Voiced By Suzumura Ken`ichi
Voiced By Takagi Wataru
Voiced By Kawasaki Eriko
Voiced By Kobayashi Sanae
Voiced By Ueda Yuuji
Series Composition (構成) Mizushima Tsutomu
Art Direction (美術監督) Takahashi Shinobu スタジオ ワイエス
Work Assistance (制作協力) Nomad
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Ishii Kumi
Chief Animation Direction (総作画監督) Ishii Kumi
Original Work (原作) Kawashita Mizuki
Direction (監督) Kobayashi Tomoki


Number Name Opening Ending Duration Aired
1 ransen festival in the night fog 30m 20.06.2005
2 omi high school exodus 30m 29.08.2005
3 crisis at the lively hotel! beware of the owner! 30m 26.09.2005
4 a sudden change of heart?! 30m 31.10.2005
OP1 kimi-iro 100% (1-4) 2m 20.06.2005
ED1 jink white (1) 2m 20.06.2005
ED2 daigyakuten kiss (2) 2m 29.08.2005
ED3 kokoro capsule (3) 2m 26.09.2005
ED4 platonic scandal (4) 2m 31.10.2005
T1 promo for ova 2 2m