Black Cat

TV Series, 23 Episodes 07.10.2005 Till 31.03.2006
Gato Negro
Gato Preto
Kara Kedi
Pisica Neagră
Zwarte Kat
черна котка
чёрный кот
ブラックキャット ja
Black Cat en
Black Cat fr
แบล็คแคท th


The world is secretly controlled by a secret organizition, Chronos. Under the command of this mysterious organization are the Chronos Numbers, a group of powerful assasins, taking orders to eliminate certain targets secretly to keep the so-called peace. One of the most powerful is the Number XIII, Train Heartnet, also known as Black Cat. At first he seems to be a cruel killer, however a meeting with a girl Sweeper changed him completely. Now as a Sweeper, Train travels with his partner Sven Vollfield to hunt down criminals. Source: ANN


opening Diamond No Hana 1-23, OP1a-OP1b, S1
ending Namidaboshi 1-12, ED1
ending Kutsuzure 13-23, ED2, S1
insert song Accettami
insert song Konoyo No Uta
insert song Si, Tu Sei Diverso


Hikari Single, 3 tracks, 02.11.2005
Namidaboshi Single, 4 tracks, 23.11.2005
Kutsuzure Single, 3 tracks, 15.02.2006
Black Cat Original Sound Track "nikukyu" Album, 24 tracks, 15.03.2006


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Art Direction (美術監督) Ikeda Shigemi
Producer (プロデューサー) Daitoku Tetsuo
Production Assistance (製作協力) Shueisha
Voiced By Miki Shin`ichirou
Creed Diskenth
23, male, bloodtype: AB
Voiced By Kanna Nobutoshi
Voiced By Fujiwara Keiji
Sound Direction (音響監督) Mima Masafumi
Voiced By Chiba Susumu
Voiced By Saiga Mitsuki
Lin Xiao Li
male, bloodtype: O
Production (製作) Tbs
Voiced By Inoue Kikuko
Sephiria Arks
Voiced By Yukana
Rinslet Walker
21, female, bloodtype: B
Voiced By Toyoguchi Megumi
Saya Minatsuki
19, female, bloodtype: O
Animation Work (アニメーション制作) Gonzo
Voiced By Tanaka Atsuko
Voiced By Hayami Shou
Voiced By Chiba Chiemi
Kirisaki Kyouko
17, female, bloodtype: B
Voiced By Sakurai Takahiro
Voiced By Minagawa Junko
Voiced By Minagawa Junko
Music (音楽) Iwasaki Taku
Voiced By Yamaguchi Mayumi
Voiced By Naya Rokurou
Voiced By Hori Hideyuki
Production Assistance (製作協力) Gdh
Voiced By Egawa Hisao
Producer (プロデューサー) Takano Takashi
Voiced By Fukuen Misato
Voiced By Fukuen Misato
Colour Design (色彩設計) Suzuki Toshie
Voiced By Mizushima Yuu
Voiced By Tsuda Shouko
Editing (編集) Horiuchi Takashi
Voiced By Takeuchi Ken
Voiced By Kondou Takashi
Photographic Direction (撮影監督) Kitaoka Tadashi
Music Work (音楽制作) Future Vision Music
Editing (編集) Mishima Akinori
Voiced By Katsu Anri
Producer (プロデューサー) Okiura Taito
Producer (プロデューサー) Watanabe Naoki
Colour Design (色彩設計) Murata Eriko
Voiced By Kakehashi Atsushi
Original Work (原作) Yabuki Kentarou
Direction (監督) Itagaki Shin
Series Composition (シリーズ構成) Kouyama Shuuichi
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Akiyama Yukiko
Chief Animation Direction (総作画監督) Akiyama Yukiko
Production Design (プロダクトデザイン) Moriyama You
Chief Animation Direction (総作画監督) Sobu Yuuko
Producer (プロデューサー) Shinozaki Shin`ya


Number Name Opening Ending Duration Aired
1 the solitary cat 25m 07.10.2005
2 the hesitant cat 25m 14.10.2005
3 the cat in the dark 25m 21.10.2005
4 the grinning cat 25m 28.10.2005
5 the departing cat 25m 04.11.2005
6 the cat under fire 25m 11.11.2005
7 the wounded cat 25m 18.11.2005
8 the sweeping cat 25m 25.11.2005
9 the charming cat 25m 02.12.2005
10 the cat unleashed 25m 09.12.2005
11 the false cat 25m 16.12.2005
12 the fighting cat 25m 13.01.2006
13 the love cat 25m 20.01.2006
14 the kitty cat 25m 27.01.2006
15 the cat and the lizard 25m 03.02.2006
16 the napping cat 25m 10.02.2006
17 the cat deploys 25m 17.02.2006
18 the sprinting cat 25m 24.02.2006
19 the cat`s showdown 25m 03.03.2006
20 the drowning cat 25m 10.03.2006
21 the cat bares claws 25m 17.03.2006
22 the cat`s paradise 25m 24.03.2006
23 the carefree cat 25m 31.03.2006
S1 the distant cat 25m 26.07.2006
OP1a diamond no hana (1-23, s1) 2m 07.10.2005
OP1b diamond no hana (1-23, s1) 2m 20.01.2006
ED1 namidaboshi (1-12) 2m 07.10.2005
ED2 kutsuzure (13-23, s1) 2m 20.01.2006
T1 promo 1m