Aa! Megami-sama! Chicchaitte Koto Wa Benri Da Ne!

TV Series, 1998-1999, 48 Eps
Ah! My Goddess: Being Small Is Convenient
Ams: Chikobene, Mini Goddess
моя богиня! приключения мини-богинь
오! 나의 여신님 ~작다는 것은 편리해~
ああっ女神さまっ 小っちゃいって事は便利だねっ ja
The Adventures Of Mini-goddess en
Ah! My Mini Goddess fr
Mini-göttinnen de


Relation Person Character Episodes Details
Production (製作) Kodansha
Voiced By Iwata Mitsuo
Art Direction (美術監督) Kobayashi Shichirou
Voiced By Inoue Kikuko
Production (製作) Pony Canyon
Music Work (音楽制作) Pony Canyon
Voiced By Hisakawa Aya
Voiced By Touma Yumi
Original Work (原作) Fujishima Kousuke 講談社「月刊アフタヌーン」
Voiced By Takano Urara
Sound Direction (音響監督) Watanabe Jun
Colour Design (色彩設定) Ooseki Tatsue
Cg Direction (cgディレクター) Mizutani Takaya
Animation Work (アニメーション制作) Olm Team Koitabashi
Music (音楽) Murayama Tatsuya
Producer (プロデューサー) Kanda Shuukichi
Chief Direction (チーフ演出) Sutou Norihiko
Producer (プロデューサー) Nakamura Shin`ichi
Character Design (キャラクターデザイン) Kazui Hiroko
Direction (監督) Matsumura Yasuhiro
Story Composition (チーフライター) Yonemura Shouji
Planning (企画) Tsunoda Ken


Number Name Opening Ending Duration Aired
1 let`s tell your fortune 7m 06.04.1998
2 secret treasure in the attic, part i 7m 13.04.1998
3 secret treasure in the attic, part ii 7m 20.04.1998
4 let`s fly in the sky 7m 27.04.1998
5 let`s fly into space 7m 11.05.1998
6 slimming down! go! 7m 18.05.1998
7 gabira, the giant monster: the birth 7m 25.05.1998
8 gabira, the giant monster: the final battle 7m 01.06.1998
9 for whom the bell tolls: the mysterious can of food 7m 08.06.1998
10 for whom the bell tolls: the secret of the diamond 7m 15.06.1998
11 gabira, the gant monster: the strike back 7m 22.06.1998
12 let`s play baseball! 7m 29.06.1998
13 urd`s babysitting journal 7m 06.07.1998
14 the proposal scheme 7m 13.07.1998
15 welcome, newlyweds! 7m 20.07.1998
16 phone me, darling! 7m 27.07.1998
17 sos in the big snowfield, part one 7m 03.08.1998
18 sos in the big snowfield, part two 7m 10.08.1998
19 kitchen fighters 7m 24.08.1998
20 gan-chan`s magnificent days 7m 31.08.1998
21 ah, my buddah! 7m 07.09.1998
22 the story of gan-chan: love me to the bone 7m 14.09.1998
23 let`s form a band! side a 7m 21.09.1998
24 let`s form a band! side b 7m 28.09.1998
25 chu hard: gan-chan`s desperate situation 7m 05.10.1998
26 chu hard 2: descent of the devil 7m 12.10.1998
27 pop! goes the urd 7m 19.10.1998
28 rainy day 7m 26.10.1998
29 let`s meet in our dreams 7m 02.11.1998
30 female detective skuld`s first case... mystery of the three stolen treasures: the dangerous trap hidden in the steamy smoke! 7m 09.11.1998
31 goddess love theater: goddess blade 7m 16.11.1998
32 quick fix division of the tariki hongan temple 7m 30.11.1998
33 fishing journal 7m 07.12.1998
34 give me some servants 7m 14.12.1998
35 rules of the ninja: volume i 7m 21.12.1998
36 rules of the ninja: volume ii 7m 04.01.1999
37 urd vs. urd 7m 11.01.1999
38 gan-chan runs for election "being self-made" edition 7m 18.01.1999
39 gan-chan runs for election "time of change" edition 7m 25.01.1999
40 urd`s ultimate diet 7m 01.02.1999
41 happy birthday, gan-chan 7m 08.02.1999
42 ah! my average college student 7m 15.02.1999
43 this happens once in a while 7m 22.02.1999
44 gan-chan the locomotive 7m 01.03.1999
45 the miso jar 7m 08.03.1999
46 deluxe game of life: satellite version 7m 15.03.1999
47 mekimeki high school memorial 7m 22.03.1999
48 what`ll happen next? 7m 29.03.1999
C1 opening 1 1m
C2 opening 2 1m
C3 ending 1 2m
C4 ending 2 2m