Initial D Battle Stage 2

  • OVA, 2007, 1 ep,

頭文字[イニシャル]d Battle Stage 2 ja

Initial D Battle Stage

  • OVA, 2002, 1 ep,

頭文字[イニシャル]d Battle Stage ja

Kenpuu Denki Berserk

  • TV Series, 1997-1998, 25 eps,

Leģendārais Paukotājs
неустрашим войн
剣風伝奇ベルセルク ja
Berserk en
Berserk es
Berserk pl
берсерк ru
برسرک fa
นักรบวิปลาส th

Bastard!! Ankoku No Hakai Shin

  • OVA, 1992-1993, 6 eps,

Bastard! Destroyer Of Darkness
Bastard!! L`oscuro Distruttore
ублюдок!! сокрушитель тьмы
バスタード!! 暗黒の破壊神
Bastard!! 暗黒の破壊神 ja
Bastard!! en
Bastard!! it

Blue Seed

  • TV Series, 1994-1995, 26 eps,

Blue Seed ja
Blue Seed en
Blue Seed fr
Blue Seed pt-br

Seikai No Senki Tokubetsu Hen

  • TV Special, 2001, 1 ep,

Battle Flag Of The Stars Special
Seikai No Senki Special
星界の戦旗 特別編 ja
Banner Of The Stars Movie en

Seikai No Senki Iii

  • OVA, 2 episodes
  • 06.08.2005

Banner Of The Stars 3
Bots3, Sns3
Seikai No Senki 3
星界の戦旗iii ja
Banner Of The Stars Iii en
* Based on the Seikai no Senki sci-fi novel series by Morioka Hiroyuki. Jinto and Lafiel were riding on the lightly-armed transport ship Bokbrusue and navigating at the planar space of the Hyde System. This was for Jinto to govern the Hyde System, which returned to imperial rule after the Union retreated, officially as an Earl. However, the government of Martine, Jinto's motherland, resisted obstinately against the Empire. Meanwhile, the First Devastation Fleet, formed with a new ship type called Attack Vessel, traveled to the Hyde System for drilling practices... Note: Shown via pay-per-view on the 06th of August, 2005. The DVDs were released on the 26th of August, 2005 (volume 1) and the 23rd of September, 2005 (volume 2)

Seikai No Senki Ii

  • TV Series, 2001, 10 eps,

Banner Of The Stars 2
Battle Flag Of The Stars 2
Bfots2, Bots2, Sns2
Seikai No Senki 2
星界の戦旗ii ja
Banner Of The Stars Ii en

Seikai No Senki

  • TV Series, 2000, 13 eps,

Battle Flag Of The Stars
Bfots, Bots, Bots1, Sns, Sns1
星界の戦旗 ja
Banner Of The Stars en
성계의 전기 ko

Seikai No Monshou Tokubetsu Hen

  • TV Special, 2000, 1 ep,

Seikai No Monshou Movie
星界の紋章 特別編 ja
Crest Of The Stars Movie en

Seikai No Monshou

  • TV Series, 1999, 13 eps,

Cots, Snm
Hvězdný Erb
星界の紋章 ja
Crest Of The Stars en
Crest Of The Stars fr

Seikai No Danshou: Tanjou

  • TV Special, 2000, 1 ep,

Crest Of The Stars: Fragment Birth Of Stars
Lost Chapter Of The Stars
Seikai No Monshou Birth
星界の断章 誕生 ja
Crest Of The Stars: Birth en

3x3 Eyes

  • OVA, 1991-1992, 4 eps,

3x3 Eyes - Immortals
3x3 глаза
Sazan Eyes
3×3 Eyes ja
3x3 Eyes en
3x3 Eyes fr
3x3 Augen (ova 1) de
3x3 Occhi it
3x3 ögon sv
3x3 Ojos [1-4] es
3x3 Oči cs
3x3 Ulls ca

3x3 Eyes: Seima Densetsu

  • OVA, 3 episodes
  • 25.07.1995 till 25.06.1996

3x3 ögon (1995)
3х3 глаза: сказание сэймы
Shin 3x3 Eyes
3×3 Eyes -聖魔伝説- ja
3x3 Eyes: Legend Of The Divine Demon en
3x3 Eyes - La Légende Du Démon Divin fr
3x3 Augen (ova 2) de
3x3 Occhi - La Leggenda Del Demone Divino it
3x3 Ojos [5-7] es
3*3 Oczy pl
Pai is the last of the Sanjiyan: an ancient magical race with three eyes. After meeting Yakumo's father, she wanted to become human. Now, after the cliffhanger in the first series, Pai is a schoolgirl with best friends and no memory of who she was. Her normal life suddenly changes when Yakumo, whose soul is bound to hers after she turned him into an immortal undead, finally finds her. Evil forces try to chain Pai's power and keep her from remembering who she was, as the battles are taken to the ancient lands of the Sanjiyan.